Mail call from 12/4

December 05, 2002

"I can't believe the story The Herald-Mail published about the couple who were killed in the accident over the weekend. So what if the man's son was a police officer? The story should have been about the fact that the man who died was a mailman for 30 years and your reporter should have talked to some of the people on his route to find out what a great postman he was. I can't believe the stuff that runs in the paper sometimes."

"To the person who called in and said: 'Shop 'til you drop, you fools, and when your bills come in February, don't cry to the rest of the world about them.' I don't know who the biggest fool is, the one who shops 'til they drop or the one who pinches the penny until it squeals. The ones who shop 'til you drop, when the bills get high, up to $20,000 and $30,000 in debt, they just file for bankruptcy then you and I have to pay for it because the retailers will up the price. They will get their money back one way or another."


"I want to thank the very nice man, named Ty, who lives along the Haven Road area. I want to thank him very much for letting me use his phone when I had car trouble. Thanks for allowing me into your home to use your phone. I hope that you have a very nice holiday."

"On Monday, I just heard it all on the news. I heard that hunters are allowed to hunt and they are beneficial to the environment by killing off the deer and moose because of something called chronic wasting disease. Does that mean the hunters just shoot them? How do they know that they have that disease? They are probably killing healthy ones."

"I want to say 'bah humbug' to the person who took my lawn ornaments last night between 6 and 8 p.m. on Sunday. They took a Mickey Mouse and Snoopy ornament. My children were very upset that someone could do this at Christmas. So, please watch your lawn ornaments, they will take them."

"Recently in Mail Call someone said that it's time for the Democratic party to stuff Bill Clinton in a box and store him in an attic. It would be an excellent idea to put George Bush in there with him."

"How do you get information on the Civil War tape of the Battle of Antietam that was advertised on TV in September? I ordered the tape and had it charged to my charge card and I haven't received it yet. I called the phone number that they had given but there is no answer. So, can anyone tell me how to get my tape?"

"In a Mail Call on Nov. 29 someone asked how to get copies of World War II Veterans Discharge papers. Write to the National Archives National Personnel Records Center at 9700 Page Ave., St. Louis, Mo., 63132-5100 and request a form 180. Fill out the form and return it to the address and they will respond."

"It's no surprise that it's been a deadly year on the roads. Like last Wednesday afternoon, a thirtysomething lady with two babies in the back, yakking away on the cell phone, went through the red light about five seconds after it had turned red. Fortunately for her, I am a person who looks before I go through my turn at a light. Anyone who would haul children and drive in that manner should have their children taken away from them. They aren't fit to be parents."

"In response to the person who said they would like to have a Value City Department Store. Yes, that would be a great idea, but until we do, there is a Value City Department Store at the Chambersburg Mall. They have a fabulous Value City Department Store."

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