Letters to the editor 12/5

December 05, 2002

Students should have choices

To the editor:

Parents, teachers and students, we would like to thank each of you who showed your support by attending the Greencastle School Board meeting of Nov. 21. This illustrates the incredible concern both parents and faculty have for each of our students.

Having read the article in Nov. 22 Record Herald, we feel the need to clarify our position as it seems the focus of our presentation was misunderstood. First and foremost, we do not advocate placing all lower-level students in one class. What we do hope to achieve are more relevant choices for all students.

Our children have chosen diverse career paths and funneling them into courses that will not be applicable to their vocation will only foster apathy and frustration. We have to prepare these students for life. For some that means a two or four year college, others a technical school and for many, going directly into the workforce.


Secondly, our goal is the success of all children, no matter what path they choose. We are confused by the comment, "If a kid leaves here with just a high school diploma, he will not be successful."

Webster's defines success as "to achieve one's aim; to prosper." As each of us are individuals, so are our goals. We as parents and educators must help all students determine and achieve their own individual goals.

Lastly, we need to find a way to decrease class size so that teachers will have the opportunity to facilitate each student's success. One of our administration's goals is to have "teachers work with struggling students in small groups and individually."

In theory, this would be terrific, but the reality is that this is virtually impossible with more than 30 students per class. With the large eighth grade class moving up, that number will only increase. We as parents are committed to each and every student, and believe that by parents, teachers and administration working together we can find solutions that will ensure that "no child is left behind."

Teresa Witmer

Kelly Scott

Chris Miller

Mildred Sheeder

Greencastle, Pa.

Thanks for support at polls

To the editor:

I would like to thank the people of Allegany and Washington counties for their support in my successful campaign to represent District 1C in the Maryland House of Delegates. I would also like to thank all of those who generously gave their time, resources and energy to help my campaign.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr. Taylor for 28 years of public service to the citizens of Western Maryland. Now that the votes have been counted, I feel privileged that you, the voters, have given me this opportunity to represent you in Annapolis. I look forward to representing your interests so that we will have better state policies to address the needs of Western Maryland.

The time has now come to move forward and work together to promote economic opportunities through private sector growth and to improve the overall quality of life. Only together can we work to make Western Maryland a better place with quality jobs, improved educational opportunities, and adequate safeguards on our individual rights.

LeRoy E. Myers, Jr.

Clear Spring

City a shambles

To the editor:

The Mayor of Hagerstown wants the new hospital built in town. Why would he want anything built in Hagerstown?

I only spend time in town waiting for the bus to Robinwood Medical Center.

I find the streets so dirty with so many unkempt people. I know some people who can't afford to rent any place but downtown. Now landlords are being forced to pay a fee for inspectors to inspect their apartments.

Believe me the tenants are far safer inside the worst apartment than on the street where they are retaliated against for asking vandals to stop destroying their property.

There is a need for more policemen and policewomen.

Your once beautiful city has really gone to pot. (Pun intended).

Bettie Hoover


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