Blast fom the past

December 04, 2002

Week of Dec. 1, 1952

Expenditures in 1951 in the butcher shops, grocery stores, bakeries and other food vending establishments in Hagerstown were equivalent to $1,190 per family when divided among the local population.

This represented 25 percent of all the money spent in the city's retail stores in the year.

Diphtheria, once a common illness with many cases throughout the state each year, has now all but disappeared. Last year, for instance, there were only two cases in Washington County.

David Sprecher, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sprecher, 103 Hollywood Road, believes he is the county's youngest successful hunter of the season. Yesterday he spotted a rabbit and stunned it with one shot from his BB gun. He ran up to the rabbit and fired a second shot.

The Sprechers are eating rabbit today.

Week of Dec. 1, 1977

Come Monday it's pay up or risk not being able to get new tags next year for more than 2,000 Washington County motorists holding unpaid parking tickets.


In Washington County, the City of Hagerstown and the towns of Williamsport and Boonsboro have joined a flagging program under a law passed by state legislators. The program allows participating Maryland communities to withhold tag renewal applications and impose special fines on drivers who fail to pay overdue parking tickets by Dec. 5.

Washington County public school officials suspended 86 students from classes Friday because they haven't shown proof they're protected from rubella, the seven-day red measles.

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