Mail Call for 12/2

December 03, 2002

"We are concerned with the Your Opinion Counts Survey that the city put out for the people that live in the Hagerstown area. Looking at Your Opinion Counts little blue cards. It has numerous spelling errors. Who is responsible for this survey that they didn't proofread the survey before it was sent out to people? It says it is being conducted by students participating at Frostburg University. Do they have anything to do with these errors, because someone doesn't know how to spell."

"Tim Rowland, I think your article on the meteor shower was hilarious. Thanks to you and Bob Maginnis for praising Allegheny Energy for their past donations to local charities. I like the article from the Clear Spring resident about our county debts and spending. We look for Greg Snook and John Munson to help our county spend properly."

- Williamsport

"To the intelligent one who said that there is a Value City Department Store. Last time I checked it was a Value City Furniture Store. They are looking for a Value City Department Store like the one at the FSK Mall."


"I want to leave a message in regards to the security department at the Washington County Hospital. It is so nice to see security officers out front doing a good job keeping the traffic clear of the circle. It also makes you feel more comfortable and secure knowing that someone is out there looking out for you. So thanks for having the security guards standing on the front circle."

"To the person who put in about stuffing Bill Clinton in a box and storing him in the attic. Please put me in the box with him."

"Poor access makes Robinwood the worse possible choice for a new hospital. Eastern Boulevard, Robinwood Drive and Dual Highway have all the traffic they can handle now. Safety should be an issue."

"It's interesting that all the out-of-towners who are living in city of Hagerstown's Public Housing won't be subject to inspections of their home, nor any rent increases to pay for the inspections, while all the in-town Hagerstown residents of many years will be subject to it. That doesn't seem fair to me."

"On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the political cartoon showed our president in a tank, which had an ostrich for a gun looking for a hole in the sand to stick in his head. Is this a cartoon to imply that The Daily Mail believes that our president is ducking the issues and is cowardly and is trying to avoid war? Shame on you."

"The Value City in the South End is not a Value City Department Store, it is a Value City Furniture Store. Thank You."

"To the person who called in about the Value City Store behind the AC&T on Wesel Boulevard. I think you should stop your drinking, because it has blurred your vision. It is a Furniture Store not a Department Store."

"To the person who called in about the Value City Department Store, I guess you still think there is a Montgomery Ward store at the mall, too."

"The representative of the ice rink said that there is no need to hire an executive director, that everything is just fine. I don't think everything is fine if they have to collect from the city, county and state. I think the city or county is paying them $135,000, so everything can't be right. So I hope that the new council won't support this giveaway to the ice rink."

"I was wondering, since the Long Meadow Shopping Center is about as dead as downtown Hagerstown, why don't they allow the carnival to come back? It's not like they don't have the space for it."

"Does anyone know when the Shepherdstown Farmers Market Christmas Sale is? It is usually in the Men's Club downtown. I haven't seen any information on it to tell me when it is."

"Several days ago, the cartoon on the editorial page was most offensive. What would Jesus drive? The name Jesus is a holy name of our Savior and should be treated in like manner. This was in very poor taste."

- Hagerstown

"I am with the other guy. I have been reading the paper for almost two years and I haven't seen one reason why they want to build a new hospital, other than the parking. $250 million for, in essence, a parking garage, that is insane!"

"Shop till you drop, you fools. When February comes and you pay your bills, don't cry to the rest of the world."

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