Total Logistics Consulting

December 02, 2002

Owner: Albert E. Jenke.

Address: 11400 Stonecroft Court, Suite 309B, Hagerstown.

Opening date: Oct. 1.

Products and services: "We are an independent associate of Chase Financial, a national purchaser of senior life insurance policies, structured court settlements, annuities, lottery and casino winnings, seller-financed business notes and privately held mortgages.

Market area: "We market to the entire United States, specializing in personal service to the Washington and Franklin county areas."

How did you get into your business, or what motivated you to start it? "On Aug. 17 of this year, I attended an Internet marketing workshop in Bethesda, Md. This started me to thinking about how to establish a greater business presence on the Web. I already had a Web site for many years, but it was not geared to be an actual business instrument - It was more of an advertisement, information and resource center. When I encountered this opportunity to enter into the field of note brokering, it seemed exactly what I had been looking for."


Previous business experience: "I moved here about three years ago from California where I had a computer consulting business for the previous 15 years. I am also trained and have served as an income tax preparer and as a budget/financial counselor."

Number of employees: One.

Hours: "The business is Web-based, with the actual processing of the brokerage transaction taking place at our mother office in Houston, Texas. Our hours are at the convenience of the customer."

Web site:

Telephone: 301-745-3675.

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