Mail Call for 11/27

November 29, 2002

"I would like to congratulate the South Hagerstown High School Rebel Band for a great performance in Allentown, Pa., on Sunday. You took just about everything. Bringing home first place in the championship is something to be proud of, not to mention the Marine Corps Award. You guys are all the greatest, and of course, Mr. D is, too! You guys ended the season with a bang, you really had a great marching season. We should also be very proud of our football team in the playoffs. Way to go, Rebels! Go all the way."

"I would like to give a thumbs up to the Washington County Health System on its decision to build at Robinwood. That is a great place for a hospital because everything is right there. Robinwood is one beautiful place and you can almost have everything done all in one building. This decision was very well thought about. I'm sure the doctors are all for the move with easier access in and out and I don't know why the mayor and council think it needs to stay in the city limits. It's Washington County Hospital, not Hagerstown City Hospital and besides, if they keep it open for some services you won't be losing it. So stop crying! I'm sure the decision was made years ago when they bought the land out there. Who wants a big hospital built in downtown Hagers-town anyway? To tear down homes and build them and then go block to block to park ... yeah right! Way to go, Mr. Hamill, and the Health System."


"From previously reading Mail Call, I can tell that very intelligent people call Mail Call with opinions, information and facts. Can anyone tell me if when hamburger turns brown, is it spoiled? I have taken hamburger out of the fridge after just buying it, the outside is red and the inside is brown. It makes you think that they packed good hamburger around bad hamburger. I have also gotten hamburger that has turned brown inside and out. It smells all right, but is it spoiled or not?"

"I would like to respond to the remarks made about the great American Smokeout and Ruby Tuesday's goes smoke-free. I find it very interesting what this column said, that society is not very accepting of addiction. It went on to talk about other addiction. I myself am a food addict and I agree with this person about society not being accepting of addiction. I am very much overweight. I am looked at and laughed at all the time. Every commercial that comes on TV is food. Our children are overweight because we feed them junk food because they see it on TV and they want it. "

"The question was, "Has The Herald-Mail provided coverage on why the hospital wants to build a new hospital, or did I miss it?" Well, I have a question for you, what planet are you on? Don't you get any papers delivered to that planet?"

"Would someone respond in Mail Call with the name and address of the government agency to contact to obtain a copy of a WWII veteran's discharge papers."

"In reference to the National League's MVP Award. I feel that Mike Bordick of the Baltimore Orioles should have gotten some kind of an award, long before that fellow did in the National League and long before some of these American League players got their awards."

"AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Hagerstown is requesting used eyeglasses, old cell phones and used hearing aids for children and families in need. Call 301-739-4776 and ask for Doris, call anytime."

"I shop at Kmart for just about everything that I need and the two girls that work behind the pharmacy are the very best. If you can't find what you need, they are always there to help you with a smile."

"When is the free bulk trash day for the county residents? It was always in November before. What happened?"

"A casino in Hagerstown, come on, you got to be kidding me. They would not allow a casino here in Hagerstown. That was a pretty good one. That made me laugh and laugh."

"I am a Cloverton resident in Williamsport and we do pay septic bills. It is separate from a water bill. The septic bill is based on how much water is used."

"I am calling about the person who wants to see a Value City Department Store here in Hagerstown. Go out on Wesel Boulevard and look behind AC&T and you will find one."

"I would like to congratulate our son-in-law, J.R., on his eight-point buck that he got the first day of the season."

"In reference to the lady asking about being charged for medical records. The medical records that a doctor keeps are not your records. They are his records of you. He can charge you for a copy of them. They are his records."

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