Letters to the editor 11/29

November 29, 2002

Where's the plan for Robinwood?

To the editor:

I find it deplorable that the County Commissioners would allow such a large development in this area of Hagerstown. I certainly hope they plan to expand the roadways, put in more traffic lights and allot more state police officers to cover the area.

As a resident of this area, it is already hard enough to get in and out of my neighborhood off of Robinwood Drive. Not only is the increasing traffic a problem, but what about our schools? With 595 housing units, there are bound to be many children.

Hopefully the commissioners have had the foresight to also address this issue, and they have a plan to either renovate our existing schools or build new ones. Not to mention that if the new hospital is built near the Robinwood Medical Center, there will be even more traffic.

I live in a nice and fairly quiet neighborhood and I would like it to stay that way. We chose to live here because of the area, but with this many new housing units being built, and a hospital to go in, we will probably move. I'm sure my family is not alone in these feelings.


Amanda Griffiths


We're on the right track

To the editor:

Our nation is already moving in the right direction thanks to the historic majorities achieved by President Bush and Republicans at the polls on Nov. 5.

At President Bush's urging, Congress took meaningful action by passing a homeland security bill, providing terrorism insurance and confirming President Bush's qualified judicial nominees.

All of these initiatives had been stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate before the election, but are now moving forward because a majority of Americans supported Republicans on Election Day.

Thanks to the voters' sound judgment, President Bush and Republicans have been making a real difference for the American people. I look forward to the many accomplishments to come in the next two years.

C. Dwyer

Darnestown, Md.

Make shelter a reality

To the editor:

This is in response to S. Barr of Boonsboro.

I agree that Hagerstown would benefit from a no-kill shelter for animals. I love animals and am willing to volunteer my time at such a shelter.

Another possible solution to this problem is a low cost spay and neuter clinic. Many people who live on low or fixed incomes could benefit from a clinic such as that, along with many pets.

This clinic would reduce the problem of overpopulation of dogs and cats. The Humane Society would not have to destroy so many animals. The city of Hagerstown would benefit by not having so many abandoned pets on our streets, who can be a nuisance at times.

The clinic could be run on donations, grants and vets who can volunteer their time to do the spaying and neutering, with the costs of supplies being charged to the owners who use the clinic. Pet supply companies could donate the necessary medical items needed, along with pet food and other necessities. The fees charged could go to help pay electricity, etc.

I'm sure this would work and everyone would benefit, especially the animals.

How about it, Hagerstown? Anyone interested in helping to bring this idea to reality?

Kelly Sullivan


Groceries needed

To the editor:

I think that it is very sad that we don't have any grocery stores at Long Meadow or downtown or at the South End Shopping Center.

There also is no clock to see to tell the time. Other shopping centers have a big clock at their center so everyone can see the time. If the people that we put in office would look into these things they would be more well-thought-of.

The older people would be the ones who would reap the benefits. Thank you.

Charlotte Snyder


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