Mail Call for 11/26

November 27, 2002

"I would like to answer the question of why so many young men are marrying older women. First of all, why are you asking? If a younger woman marries an older man, nobody raises their eyebrows. What does it matter what someone's age is as long as they love each other? I am 50 years old, I have been married to the same man for 30 years. Age has no bearing on someone's love."

"When my son was small, he used to have a lot of beautiful baby clothes that were trimmed in red. When you washed it, it would fade terribly when you washed. The way to stop the fading, soak the clothes in cold vinegar water, about two cups per gallon of water. This will set the dye in. Let it soak for several hours, rinse it out and wash it, it won't fade then."

"I get $342 per month Social Security. It's in the mailbox, the third of every month, never more, never less. That is what a fixed income is. Fixed means, no more, no less. Doesn't matter if your bills go up or down. I have so much to dilly out and that's it, this is a fixed income. Pinching pennies."


"I read with disgust the article in The Herald-Mail on Nov. 20 regarding the murder of Jeff Rowland. I worked with Jeff. He was a fine Christian man who loved God, his country, his friends and co-workers. He was very devoted to caring for his elderly parents. He worked honestly to help his students and was always there for anyone who needed a helping hand. I consider having known him a blessing and know that the world would be a better place if we had more people like him. I thought the article was very insensitive and hurtful in its insinuations. I pray that Jeff's parents didn't read it. Their loss has been tremendous and certainly they don't deserve additional pain inflicted upon them by one of your journalists."

"When is the bank on Virginia Avenue going to change its clock? Daylight-saving time ended a while back and the clock needs to fall back one hour. Thanks."

"Does anyone have the recipe for the impossible pumpkin pie? I seemed to have lost mine."

"Come knock on my door and ask me to come to your yard to rake up my leaves, instead of griping anonymously and I might consider it."

"Someone was wondering in Mail Call why men were marrying older women. Well, it's because older women try harder."

"It's time for the Democratic party to stuff Bill Clinton in a box and store him in the attic."

"I just wanted to let all the community writers from all the towns know that they are doing a great job. I read all of them, even though I am not from their town. I think this is very interesting. I also think all The Herald-Mail writers are great also. So thanks again to all of you for doing a great job."

"If it's required by state law, why do some of the restaurants in the area lack a non-smoking area?"

"I would like to thank the man at Ryan's for helping my father from his wheelchair into his friend's truck the other day. He offered to follow him back to the nursing home to help him get out of the truck and back into his wheelchair. May God bless you. Thank you."

"It looks like there's another huge warehouse going up off I-70 where it intersects with I-81. Does anyone know that this warehouse is going to be? Is it another $7 or $8 an hour warehouse? We need some higher paying jobs in this area, not just warehouse jobs."

"Whoever designed the Valley Mall parking lot should have their head examined. I almost got into two wrecks over the weekend. They should put it back the way it was."

"To the man who hit my sister with his car and knocked her down on Northern Avenue Thursday evening. She told him she wasn't hurt and he could go on and leave. But this is not the point, he took advantage of her kindness. He could have given her his name and address in case she needed it for later on. If you want to do the right thing now, her number is 301-733-6379."

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