Mail Call for 11/25

November 26, 2002

"I am reading the evening paper on Thursday, Nov. 21, and there is an article in there about a 7-year- old boy who shot a deer. I would never allow my child to be exposed to careless hunters."

"I just read the morning paper on Thursday, Nov. 21, and the most important article in the entire paper ended on page A16. It should had been on the front page. It says Energy Department sees oil imports rising to 68 percent of U.S. demand. Sixty-eight percent, people wake up, when do you think this is going to stop? One of these days someone is going to cut that oil off and we are going to watch our economy just completely wither and die for two or three decades. We will not use our common sense and drive the right vehicle and try to conserve."

"The other morning when it was still dark and raining, I saw three out of five cars on Virginia Avenue with their windshield wipers going but no lights on. One of them was the same color as the roadway."



"Just wanted to tell the lady if she is still looking for washing soda, they sell it at Weis Market."

"The Town Museum and the Springfield Barn in Williamsport always has such a lovely Christmas party. Does anyone know when it is going to be this year?"

"I don't like the Robinwood Medical Center, it is out of the way. They should close it down and move it into town where it belongs."

"I am trying to find some information concerning back in the early 1900s. I am doing a family tree, maybe some seniors can help me here. They were supposed to have found skeletal remains in a well back in the 1900s, in the Sharpsburg or Rohrersville area. It was my great grandfather and I was told that it was a possibility that they could have been his remains. If anyone has any information concerning this, could you leave it in Mail Call."

"There goes the hospital outside the city limits, leaving the mayor and council crying that there is no respect or loyalty for all the special utility rates that the city has been extending to them over the years. Now we get word that the city has pulled the plug on Allegheny Energy, a local corporation that is having tough times. It is also a large local corporation that employs a lot of city and county citizens at very good wages. So the politicians talk about finding companies to come here with high paying jobs, but if those companies should fall on hard times, the politicians abandon them right away. So the moral of this story is for the mayor and council, how can you expect loyalty and continuity when you yourself have no respect for it either?"

"What are they going to do with the current hospital building when it becomes empty? Are they really going to put a gambling casino in there, like Charles Town? I would really like to know."

"I hope that new businesses coming to our area, look at all the vacant buildings that we have. I hope we can get a Value City Department Store, like the one in Frederick, or a Gabriel's, like the one in Winchester. The area is growing and business opportunities are growing."

"A short while ago, I questioned in Mail Call about the city police contracts. I would like to thank the person for the informative answer. It is curious to me, what is wrong with this city? Give these guys a contract, a good contract."

"I am convinced now that Hagerstown is run by a bunch of idiots. I can't believe the waste of money by putting bricks across the streets. There are these young kids running the streets with nothing to do. Take that money and use it to use some of these empty buildings and make something for the kids to do. Give the inner city kids something to do."

"Ruby Tuesday's goes smoke free. A group has launched a great American Smoke Out. It seems to me that our society is not very accepting of people's addiction. I am not a smoker. It has been over 15 years since I smoked a cigarette. It was not easy, but I did it. Why is society not more accepting of addiction? Drug addiction, food addiction, cigarette addiction, there are so many I can't name them all. But I can't name one that society accepts. This great smoke- out is wonderful, but you just can't make people stop smoking, after being addicted for years."

"To all the whiners who are whining about how they are going to get to the hospital. It's way over there on Robinwood Drive. Well, how do you get to the existing hospital? You take a bus, your car, a friend or a taxi, the same way you get there now. It's not in the next county, it's only a mile and a half away."

"To the very sexist remark made by the man who said that it sounds like another female driver that won't pull over and let the traffic go around her. Sir, did you ever wonder why the most precious cargo in the world is usually trusted to women? That is all I have to ask you. If you can't figure out what that precious cargo is, then I feel sorry for you."

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