Letters to the editor 11/25

November 25, 2002

Community was generous

To the editor:

On Oct. 26, I participated in the Y-Me of Cumberland Valley Step-N-Stride event at Hagerstown Community College. Volunteers helped raise over $42,000 for Y-Me.

Y-Me spends its money on local efforts such as educational programs, a breast cancer hotline, a wig, prosthesis and bra bank; and a program to provide mammograms for women with low incomes or those without insurance. As a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to do my part to raise awareness for the need for more research and educational outreach.

I want to thank my family, friends, co-workers, members of the Cumberland Valley Cycling Club and Antietam Velo Club as well as corporate sponsors, d'Vinci Interactive, DH Web, DocuTrac, Inc., Donald C. Bowers Insurance, Machining Dynamics and True Image Media.

The support and generosity of these people and businesses is truly inspiring and as a result, I was able to raise more than $1,500 in pledges to benefit breast cancer research, support and outreach.


Janet Lung

Breast Cancer Survivor


We suffer while county spends

To the editor:

This is how our tax money is being spent. More than $200 a night for John Howard to stay in motels. He was paid $82,000 pay a year and had to charge taxpayers 99 cents for a cup of coffee.

Isn't that pathetic? The office, gazebo and bridge at the landfill cost $730,000, the fuel station, $1.13 million and $186,338 for cleaning service.

We're $153 million in debt, which the people of Washington County must pay off because of those who is running Washington County.

Did any of this make your life easier? Did you benefit any from it? Did it help economy? They sure didn't think of us when they voted themselves a big pay increase, but they sure are thinking of us now to pay off their stupid debt.

Take a pay cut and pay off your own debt. We have our own. Get the money back from Howard that he got when he retired. Have him pay back his lap of luxury on our tax money.

We exist when it's voting time, when they want to butter us up. How much was donated to help the people with their electricity and fuel?

Are any of our leaders living in poverty? Our leaders don't need those big gas guzzlers either. We are sick of picking up the tab for you. It's hard enough for us to pay our own way. John Munson, can you straighten this spending out? Your words sound good, if they are put into action. Set priorities so our money isn't wasted. Why more than $200 a night for a motel room? What's wrong with Motel 6?

Mr. Munson, the people of Washington County tell their children Christmas will be slim, because of the officials of Washington County put us in debt because of their stupid spending.

John Baker

Clear Spring

Moratorium hurts

To the editor:

I say hats off to Washington County Commissioner Greg Snook and Bill Wivell for voting against a one-year residential moratorium. I find it difficult to fathom that we have an Economic Development Commission whose purpose is to attract new business and jobs and at the same time we are sending a message that their employees are not welcome to live here.

However, I am probably getting ahead of myself. The people a moratorium really hurts are the young men and women who grew up in Washington County. Some people may say there are plenty of houses for sale in the county. The reality is when a house is put on the market it is usually sold within two weeks. I believe our young people seeking to buy housing have two options.

One, they can look outside the boundaries of Washington County or two, wait until the moratorium expires. Waiting until the moratorium expires is risky business because the record low interest rates that prevail today may not exist a year from now.

The enacting of a building moratorium should always be done in consideration of all the factors. Decisions of this magnitude can have lifelong implications for individuals.

Meredith Fouche


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