Letters to the editor 11/23

November 25, 2002

Voters reject paper, socialist candidates

To the editor:

I have been reading the Herald-Mail with great interest since the election results were announced, and I am amused and concerned. If Bob Maginnis and and Tim Rowland are any indication of how well others at the paper are dealing with the overwhelming voter rejection of their candidates and agenda, there may be a need for crisis counselors to come in and provide some help.

Somehow these dedicated defeated liberals need to accept the fact that they are a miserable failure at promoting their agenda and their candidates. Mary Newby, Sue Hecht, Casper Taylor, Jim Brown, Paul Swartz and Bert Iseminger were too liberal for this county. They were caught in a landslide all right and it was a landslide of their own making (with the help of the Herald-Mail). And the county will get along just fine without them, thank you.

And it was not because voters didn't know what they were doing or that The Herald-Mail's liberal friend' message just didn't get out. It was because the socialist, left-leaning tax-and- spend liberal message was crystal clear and soundly rejected.


By the way, before he leaves office maybe we could get Swartz, who just proposed free HCC tuition for county grads, to also propose free tax payments for county taxpayers. Afterall, tax money grows on trees, doesn't it?

Voters already know they are not getting their money's worth and want new people who will respect taxpayers and expect tax money to be spent prudently and conservatively, not liberally. As a good friend reminded me, "Government is a watchdog to be fed, not a cow to be milked."

And I am not fooled by Taylor's last-minute attempts to sway voters. This guy's been in office for more than 25 years and the Speaker for nine years and he waits until Oct. 31, just before the elections, to unveil his wonderful health care plan? Give me a break!

So The Herald-Mail laments its losses and tries to badger the newly elected conservative officials into doing what defeated liberal friends might have done. But with each new left-leaning editorial and cynical funny column hoping to spoil the victors, you further expose your liberal agenda and cause still more voters to become conservative voters.

Edward L. James


Orleans put Myers on top

To the editor:

The voters of Little Orleans went to the polls on Nov. 5 to communicate to Cas Taylor in no uncertain terms that we would not support his return to Annapolis. We overwhelmingly supported his opponent, the only candidate who sat down one evening in our own fire hall and listened to our concerns and fears about what the future might hold for our community.

In light of the election results, I think that it would be very fair to say that the Little Orleans vote may have made all the difference. We played a major role in unseating a high-ranking state official who was more concerned about golf courses and train stations than with accurately representing the values and beliefs of all of his constituents.

It is true that Little Orleans may have already lost the war. We are well aware of the fact that the land has been bought for the racetrack and that the permits have been issued. The damage that Taylor has inflicted may be irreversible. But this is one battle Little Orleans did win. We have put an end to the years of betrayal by our delegate; our new delegate may not carry the weight that Taylor wielded in the capital, but he will not play the traitor either.

I believe that I speak on behalf of all the residents of Little Orleans when I thank LeRoy Myers for taking the initiative to compete against a seemingly unbeatable opponent, for setting a goal that undoubtedly many said could never be attained. And rest assured Del.-elect Myers, while we are thanking you for running such a hard campaign, we are thanking God that you won.

Erin Resh Rounds

Little Orleans, Md.

Great support

To the editor:

Members of Berkeley County, W.Va., volunteer fire departments express their sincere appreciation to the local community for its overwhelming generosity during a boot drive on Saturday, Oct. 26, to benefit West Virginia State Trooper R.J. Elswick.

A total of $17,451.77 was collected that day. Special thanks goes to the staff of Centra Bank, to Domino's Pizza and to Berkeley County Deputy Sheriff Scott Myers. We also thank WEPM and WRNR for their radio advertising support, The Herald-Mail and The Journal for newspaper coverage, and NBC-25 for their televised news broadcasts.

To the entire community, thank you for your overwhelming support.

Charles McAtee (for)

Departments of Baker Heights, Bedington, Hedgesville and South Berkeley, W.Va.

Quit your crying

To the editor:

I saw in the paper recently an article where Commissioners Bert Iseminger and Paul Swartz are blaming the Republicans for doing a better job promoting their candidates and choosing party politics over issues.

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