Let them eat pie

November 25, 2002|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN - Compared to the usual demands of their jobs - legislate, manage, govern, vote - for three local politicians, Friday's assignment was a snap: Eat.

More specifically, taste 10 pies - and pick a winner.

Hagerstown Mayor William M. Breichner, Del. Robert A. McKee and Del. Christopher Shank judged a pumpkin pie contest at Broadmore Assisted Living at Hagerstown.

About two dozen residents watched the three elected officials sit together at a head table and nibble on slivers of pie. The judges scored each pie on its appearance, flavor and texture.


Two winning pies were chosen. The bakers - Melissa Moats of Boonsboro and Mary Ann Bowers of Halfway - each receive a $25 gift certificate from Valley Mall.

Shank joked that the event was another Republican success because Moats lives in his district and Bowers lives in McKee's district. Shank and McKee are Republicans.

Actually, pie was a unifying force for Breichner, a Democrat, and McKee and Shank, who nearly ran against each other in a primary.

Georgetta S. Bloomfield, the marketing director for Broadmore Assisted Living at Hagerstown, said she was pleased to have 10 entries in the contest. Nine came from the public and one was prepared by a cooking club at the assisted living center.

Shank suggested that local assisted living centers compete against each other in the future - as long as he's invited back to eat and judge.

"Just keep us in mind," he said. "That's all I'm saying."

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