Mail Call for 11/21

November 22, 2002

"I have a question about an article that was in the paper on Nov. 15 about the hospital decision, saying that it was easy access for patients. Exactly what patients are you talking about? Not seniors who don't have vehicles. What about them? Did you ever think about that?"

"I would like information on the Internet concerning convicted sex offenders."

"In Friday's paper, Carol Moller said she is worried about how people without transportation will be able to get to the new hospital. This shows the shallow thinking our city leaders have. How do they get to the existing hospital? They drive, take a bus, a taxi or a friend takes them."

"In response to the caller who asked why a politician can't take their losses. If the election was under normal circumstances, I am sure he would have accepted defeat. Unfortunately the future of this country is now grim and the state of the economy has already proven that."


"People who do not rake their leaves and allow them to blow on other people's property who have already cleaned them up are inconsiderate and lazy."

"We would like to thank the young man that found our little girl who was running down by City Park on Monday night. She was upset at her mother and ran from the house. She was running to her nan's or grandmother's house. We didn't get the young man's name nor the names of all the other nice people who stopped and showed that they cared about her. Also, thanks to the policeman. May God bless each and every one of you. Thank God she didn't get hurt in any way. We love you, Hannah."

"I think it is stupid to move the hospital to Robinwood because we have already torn up enough trees and stuff out there now as it is. What are they going to do with the building it's in now? Is it going to sit there empty for years, too? Just like the Ames building, it will probably be empty for years also."

"We need a Checker's here in Hagerstown. Will someone please bring a Checker's to Hagerstown? Talk about good fast food. You haven't tried good fast food, until you try Checker's."

"In response to the bus driver who won't pull over and let the backed up traffic go around her. Sounds like another female driver."

"People talk like putting the university downtown would be like sending students into a war zone. I see it differently, The Maryland Theatre is downtown and when there is an event there at night, the Hagerstown Police Department is down there watching over that area. Stores closed downtown because of all the malls being built around here. Several bars have closed downtown, so let the University down there to revitalize it. There is no such thing as a perfect town, it is what we all make it."

"I would like to see the hospital stay in the city. Robinwood has their hospital and their doctors out there, so why can't we have our hospital in the city? Not everyone has a way out to Robinwood. So keep it in the city."

"To the bus driver on Salem Avenue that won't pull over. I am one of those drivers, we are not asking you to pull over when there is only one car behind you, we are asking you to pull over when there are 10 to 20 cars behind you. Think about everyone else that you have to share the road with."

"I think it's great that the college will be downtown. I think this will open up a lot of businesses and our downtown will be revitalized. We want to rebuild the downtown and this is a good start."

"To the person who wanted to know why the president is allowed to fly his chopper over your house, but you can't fly one over the White House. It is obvious that you were asleep on 9/11."

"Congratulations to South Hagerstown High Band for winning top honors at USSBA Championships in Pennsylvania. It would have been nice, however, if the news release concerning this achievement would have been followed up by an out of school comment by the school principal."

"It's a great idea to put the hospital out at Robinwood. It just doesn't belong in the city, it would do so much better out at Robinwood. Better for the people and better for the hospital."

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