Mail Call for 11/20

November 21, 2002

"To the people who travel Broadfording Road off of Md. 63 every morning to Broadfording Church Road, please find it in your hearts to slow down before someone gets hurt."

"This is the little girl who played Annie and I would to thank the person who called in and said they saw me in, Annie, and thought I was good."

"I was reading in Mail Call and someone wanted to know what to do with old cardboard boxes. I know that Maryland Paper recycles them. But if you would call me at 301-393-3910. I will see about picking them up from you. My Sunday school class at St. James Brethren Church is collecting newspapers and boxes in order to raise money for our mission's trip."

"Mr. Hamill of Washington County Hospital must be pretty smart to have a vision for Washington County Hospital as he has chosen to move to Robinwood. The sooner people realize that there is nothing downtown to revitalize, the better off we will be. I hope Bob Ehrlich can stop the University of Maryland downtown. As the cost to redo the Baldwin House has already been outspent. The place for the University of Maryland is at Hagerstown Community College, as they already have buildings or build it at the Allegheny site. I am glad to see that the Washington County Hospital is on the ball now."


"Mr. Hamill, you are thinking about putting the hospital out at Robinwood. What are you thinking? Keep the hospital in the city, it would be beneficial for the community. Oh that's right, you aren't from here, you don't know anything about this community."

"To the concerned taxpayer who wanted to know if the Hagerstown City Police have their new contracts yet. As a member of the department, I can vouch that we don't have one and haven't had one since July 2001. Apparently the city is too busy wanting to take, take, take from us. Things such as sick leave, wanting to take away consecutive days off, wanting us to work 171 hours in a 28- day period before we can even think about getting overtime and not wanting to give us any raises. But hey, we do have pretty red brick sidewalks, don't we?"

"Thanks for building the new hospital at Robinwood. This was a great decision from you guys. Thanks again."

"In response to the person who said about the abandoned buildings. I find it ridiculous that we have all these empty buildings. Yet all of these companies keep building new buildings. Like Wal-Mart is looking to build on Sharpsburg Pike and with the Outback Steakhouse, couldn't they have gone into the old Applebee's building? What can we do to stop this? What will this town look like 20 years from now?"

"I am an avid baseball fan, but I will never let a player receive the Most Valuable Player award that when he hits a home run, he just stands there at home plate and watches it. Maybe I am just too much of a baseball purist, but this is not my idea of baseball."

"Local people should write to their congressman about the dispute between Allegheny Energy and California's Public Utilities Commission. If Allegheny loses this unwarranted dispute, the taxpayers and utility users of Maryland and Pennsylvania will have to pick up the tab for electric power in California at rates dictated by officials in California. Don't let this happen. Our electric bills and taxes will skyrocket to pay for California's power consumption and oversight."

"I can't understand why the U.S. would want to give us citizens a tax cut at a time like this. What good is a $100 a year tax cut if we aren't alive. We should use that money to fight the war on terrorism. I am sure that this is really not enough to notice a difference in our lives these days. So that money should be put into a fund to fight terrorism."

- Sharpsburg

"I am calling about the game on Saturday with the Williamsport championship. I understand six girls' names were mentioned in the paper but there are nine girls on the team. They all worked just as hard for this championship. Shame on you coach for leaving three of those girls on the bench."

"I would like to thank Lou Scally for the way he tries to help people on the phone party. Also thanks to John for having the program on his radio station, WJEJ. Keep up the good work and God bless you."

"I wonder if anyone knows what is the name of the company that sponsors the commercial with the drug that Dorothy Hamill is skating to, 'It's a beautiful morning.' They show this commercial almost every day, but it's gets annoying and irritating to hear day after day. So what is the name of the company where someone can complain to?"

"Anyone who says that Robinwood Medical Center is easily accessible is either in a state of denial or they have a vivid imagination."

"My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful lady who returned a lost pocketbook into the Penney's store on Thursday afternoon. Please know how much I appreciate your integrity. May you be blessed for your honesty. You can be sure that I will remember you in my prayers."

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