Blast from the past

November 20, 2002

Week of Nov. 17, 1952

The City Police Department has asked the Council to approve the purchase of a number of scientific crime detection devices next year. The request includes the purchase of a tape recorder, a lie detector and a drunkometer.

A big buck and two does were grazing in a field with some cattle on the farm of the late Walter S. Stouffer near Antietam Furnace yesterday evening.

The deer continued to graze and didn't appear frightened when Lester Eichelberger and his son Joe, of Dargan, came along the road.

Approximately 30 officials of Maryland communities, the vanguard of 80 members of the Maryland Municipal League, were registered at the Hotel Alexander at noon today for the three-day convention of the League. Hagerstown Mayor Herman L. Mills, president of the Municipal League, will preside over the convention.

Week of Nov. 17, 1977

On Tuesday, Washington County was declared a disaster area because of this year's drought, making local farmers eligible for emergency federal loans, according to a spokesman for Sen. Paul Sarbanes, D-Md.

A survey of income levels and income distribution, covering all areas of the country, shows that in Washington County, appreciable gains were made by most families in the past few years.

In Washington County, some 56.4 percent of households had incomes of $8,000 or more in the past year.

The A-10 attack fighter, Fairchild's first major military work since the mid-1960s, is expected to give the local firm the largest sales in its 38-year history.

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