Mail Call for 11/18

November 19, 2002

"I would like to respond to the person who was upset because I called in and told the public that the Irish Travelers were in the area. This person was upset because I called them Irish Travelers. I didn't name these people, they named themselves. They call themselves the Irish Travelers. That is the name they gave to their organization. Doesn't matter what their name is, they have a reputation. So people, beware if anyone comes to your home to do any contract work, demand to see a license."

"I am responding to the call-in about where someone said how come nobody shops downtown. First of all, you have to have stores downtown to shop. Second, who wants to shop downtown, if there were stores, with all that digging and road construction going on for months? Nobody wants to fight all that, all the traffic and fight for a spot to park. Nobody is going to shop downtown unless there are shops there."


"To the lady who is looking for the mason jars. You can find them at Weis Market. That is where I buy mine all the time."

"Congratulations, Todd, your name and picture was in the paper on Thursday, Nov. 14. I see they took your picture of you putting lights on the Christmas tree in the square downtown."

"I am calling about the wide mouth mason jars, just go to a thrift shop, they should have them."

"I am speaking for all the animals that are outside. Just remember Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Make sure you have warm shelter for your animals."

"I read in the paper where this lady wanted wide-mouthed mason jars. You can find them at the Smithsburg General Store, they have a lot of them."

"Hooray for Mr. Hamill for putting the hospital out, with their as you quoted, 'Medical Mall' at Robinwood. It makes much more sense to put it there rather than around residential homes. It will be much quieter out there."

"The mayor and council of Hagerstown is implementing the program for the inspection of rental properties. I am curious, how many of the mayor and council own property, because therefore, they would fall under this program."

"I wanted to congratulate the Williamsport Wildcats' girls cross country team for bringing home the state title for the first time in 20 years."

"You can get quart sized, wide-mouthed quart jars at the Wilson Store at the Conococheague Creek, the Old Time Wilson Store. They carry those types of things there."

"Can anyone tell me why if a politician loses an election, why can't they just take their losses and go on with their life instead of demanding a recount. It makes us voters wonder why we even vote to begin with."

"Leave the campus at the Baldwin House, it has been decided. We need something good downtown instead of empty buildings."

"I was reading in the paper about this $1.5 million for computer replacement. Are you people for real? If I had that kind of money, I could buy everyone in the school a computer. You can get your computers for $32,000 to $35,000 for all 5,000 of them. For them being on the Internet, it cost to get on that Internet every month. I can't afford to get on the Internet myself half the time."

"I like the billboard on the east side of Hagerstown that tells you to shop downtown, while construction is going on. First of all, there is no place to shop down there. Second of all, whose bright idea was it to put those curved sidewalks clear out in the street? The problem with downtown is that there is too much traffic. So instead of leaving three lanes of traffic, you take one away. Do you really think that this is going to make the traffic go through faster?"

"My wife and I just finished watching the local news at 5 p.m. I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed Jason as the news anchor. He was laughing at Jack and so were we. We really enjoy watching Jason."

"In response to someone who was looking for mason jars. I have them, they are free, call me at 301-223-1284 and my name is Deena."

"I have some mason jars and I would be glad to give them away.If they would leave their name and number in Mail Call, I will be glad to call you."

"Those Hess Trucks come out every year the week before Thanksgiving. But if you are unsure about it, call a Hess Station and they will give you an exact date of when they will be in."

"I have some mason jars, my number is 301-739-2322."

"I have wide-mouthed mason jars, call me at 301-739-8469."

"You can purchase canning jars, pints and quarts at Corderman's Hardware at 718 W. Washington Street."

"Does anyone know how to enter the pumpkin pie contest on Eastern Boulevard next week? It was in the paper last week and I can't find that paper. Can anyone tell me how, when and what time to enter this contest?"

"I would like to congratulate those men who are renovating the old office building at Antietam Creek on Md. 64. We now have a building pleasing to see as you pass through the area."

"To the person who called in about the Irish Travelers and said that they were being discriminated against. Just to let you know that the Irish Travelers migrated from Ireland and are Irish. If you don't believe me, check out There is all kinds of background on their heritage on there."

"I have a lot of mason jars. Call me at 301-739-3726."

"My name is Denise at 301-432-5853, I am calling in response to the lady who wanted the mason jars. I have between 12 and 24 wide-mouthed mason jars."

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