Mail Call for 11/15

November 18, 2002

"I was reading in Wednesday's Daily Mail on Page A3 where a man was released from the hospital. He was found naked, beaten and burned. Three people were arrested in the attack. These people allegedly beat him, then set him on fire and they are only being charged with second-degree assault. I don't understand it at all. The law is supposed to be for the people, to protect the people. What kind of example does this give?"

"I am calling about funding for education and how many people feel that it should be increased. I believe that funding for education should go to the students, the classrooms and the teachers. The administrative part of the educational system should be at its very peak for quite a few years to come. Let's put this money in the classroom."

"There is a German restaurant at North Village Shopping Center at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Longmeadow Road. I think you might be able to find your Bavarian-style sauerkraut there."


"There are two lost black cats in the Smithsburg area. One is long-haired, Muchka the name and one is short-haired, has white under his neck, has a white whisker and his name is Pepper. They had black collars on with bells. So, could people please check in your garages to make sure they weren't locked in there? They never came back in on Monday night."

"In response to the caller seeking Bavarian-style sauerkraut, it's simple, it simply contains caraway seeds."

"Does anyone out there know where you can recycle cardboard boxes? We have a lot of them that we would like to get rid of."

"To the Washington County Hospital administrators: How come the security officers always have the sign that the lot is full up in the emergency room parking lot? It is really confusing to us seniors."

"This is from a watch group co-leader. We have our noses into everything that has to do with landlords and tenants because that is where most of our problems are coming from. Slumlords who are renting rat traps to people in huge numbers with pit bulls and other issues and they don't care as long as they get a little bit of money. They can write the losses off in their taxes."

"For the person who had the West Virginia plate who made an illegal right-hand turn at the firehall in Funkstown on Nov. 13. I was behind him and if someone would have been coming straight down, he would have hit them. If you are not going to obey the Maryland laws, then don't drive in our state."

"To the person looking for Bavarian sauerkraut, there is a wonderful German restaurant north of town, in the shopping center at Pennsylvania and Maugans avenues. They have the kraut. It is cooked in wine and is very good. They sell other authentic German grocery items."

"I was behind the bus driver who the person in Mail Call was talking about on Salem Avenue around 3 p.m. There were 27 cars behind the bus. Why can't you pull over and have some common courtesy and let all that traffic go around you instead of having to back up all that traffic with every stop you make?"

"To the person looking for a good Italian restaurant. There is a new one in Maugansville that is really good."

"For Paul Swartz, you wonder why you got voted out of office. It's ideas like the one with making tuition free for county graduates to HCC. This is why you got voted out. Who do you think is going to foot the bill for that? The taxpayers?"

"As a concerned taxpayer in Washington County I would like to know if the Hagerstown City Police have gotten a new contract yet."

"I wish someone would do something about the traffic downtown. It's unreal. I live downtown and to get through town to my work, it used to take only 15 minutes. Now, in the evening, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. It's car after car backed up. The city fathers need to do something about this and do it now. They have to do something about the parking downtown. I live on East Avenue and I have to circle the block three or four times but then I usually end up parking two and three blocks away."

"I see in the paper tonight that Paul Swartz says the county has a million-dollar surplus. If this is so, why do my taxes keep going up?"

"I am a Democrat but I have to give Bush credit. He is doing an excellent job. He is being hard-nosed with the terrorists, which is the way it has to be. He has probably had one of the hardest jobs that a president has ever had with the times that we have been going through. I think he is doing a great job. He is doing exactly what the country has to do. If we just let the terrorists go unchecked, they are going to run all over us. Their goal is to put America under and all of its allies. More power to George Bush. I hope you keep on and I personally won't be happy until bin Laden and all his cronies and all the terrorists are six feet under."

- Sharpsburg

"Would the lady who had the Cracker Barrel magazines for sale over at the 81 Flea Market in West Virginia please give me a call at 301-842-2430."

"The University of Maryland doesn't need a campus in downtown Hagerstown because the University of Maryland offers online courses. You can take the courses online and they are cheaper per semester hour than in a classroom."

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