Sukey offers tips for making arrangements

November 18, 2002

Make your own coated wire by wrapping wire with florist tape.

Put liquid floor wax in a spray bottle and spray pine to maintain color and shape.

Using potted plants in a larger container enables you to rearrange your arrangement.

Crossroads Garden Club member Sukey Rankin believes in recycling. A leftover white pumpkin becomes a smiling snowman's face. A red wine bottle or a white vodka bottle etched with a winter scene become vases to hold sprigs of berries or greens when ribbons hide writing on them.

A vegetable grater and a food mill become holiday arrangements with greens and imagination.

Scrubbed kids' boots can become holiday decorations when dressed up with greens.

Be-ribboned and greened toy trucks and cards can hold place cards for a holiday dinner party.

Hollowed apples and oranges make festive holders for tea-light or votive candles. Rankin uses a star-shaped cookie cutter for a detail on the orange skin.


An old wooden recipe box, filled with greens, its lid propped up with a cinnamon stick, can give a holiday touch to a kitchen.

A simple wooden board - about 1-by-8-by-12-inches - can be a swag. Rankin hammered nails into the flat surface, wrapped wire around and between the nails to hold greens and berries.

"Christmas to me is not always just red," Rankin says. She uses oregano for its purplish red color and pinkish heather in holiday arrangements.

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