Cumberland comments were out of line

November 18, 2002

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Keller's article in The Herald-Mail on Nov. 10, I read and re-read your column about Fort Hill and Allegany fans. I would like to make several points if I may.

First, I find it interesting that your column after a Hagerstown city school qualifies for its first state appearance is about the two Cumberland schools and their fans. How do you think that made the fans, coaches and players feel about the importance of their accomplishment? Their first trip to the playoffs and all you can write about is Fort Hill and Allegany. Do we really intimidate you that much?

Second, you mentioned that Fort Hill fans viewed the Martinsburg loss as a moral victory. Martinsburg had a great team this year and an equally-great program. Yes, it is a moral victory for a team that was only supposed to win five games, if they were lucky to hold an offensive juggernaut such as Martinsburg to 10 points.


Third, I grew up in Cumberland, played football at Fort Hill for four years and still am very supportive of my beloved alma mater. I live in Hagerstown now and have worked in the Hagerstown area for over fifteen years. You mentioned and the posts that were placed on that board by Fort Hill and Allegany fans. The thing that I find funny and somewhat disturbing is you only mentioned the negative post. Let me set the record straight.

I sat and listened to the entire North vs. South game, I was hoping that South would do well and go into the playoffs with some momentum. I posted the score twice as the game went along. When the game ended I immediately posted the score, congratulated South on their win and first trip to the playoffs. I then wished them well and hoped that they are able to advance.

I made at least three or four posts of this nature. Funny how you did not see or report on any of the positive posts. But I guess that would not have been interesting enough reporting on your part, would it have been?

The posters on as a whole are very knowledgeable of football. There are a few times that some get a little carried away, but they are usually reprimanded by the gentlemen that run and organize the board, and do a darn good job of it. I usually post on this great board daily and enjoy the contacts I have made.

My point is, you choose to down the very person who chose to support South High, and he is a Fort Hill fan. This is questionable journalism at best. Furthermore, I find it quite offensive. And please do not say you did not see the post, the word Sentinel is in my screen name.

Lastly, please let me personally commend the Boonsboro coaches, players and fans for putting Fort Hill on their schedule this past year. You only improve yourself when you challenge yourself, And Boonsboro choose to do so. My hat is off to them. Way off!

Yes, we Fort Hill and Allegany fans love our schools and for that we will never apologize. I need no whine with my cheese. But I would appreciate you being more objective in the future.

Please let me close by wishing the South High Rebels the best of luck as you represent Western Maryland in the playoffs. And congratulations on a fine year on the gridiron.

David Neff


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