Mail Call for 11/14

November 15, 2002

"I just had the scare of my life. It's Tuesday, Nov. 12. I turned to page A5, there was no Mail Call. I was ticked off. I turned back to the front page quickly and looked in the index and what a relief, Mail Call was moved to C4. It's OK that you moved it, it give it a right nice space. I tell you one thing, if you ever stop printing Mail Call, I will stop buying the paper. It's the best part. You guys do a great job."

"I am looking for some Mason jars, quart size, wide mouthed, if possible. I need at least 12, if not 24. I checked at Wal-Mart, but they say they are only a spring and summer item. Does anyone know where I can purchase them or if anyone has them that they would like to get rid of, leave your name and number in Mail Call."


"As a homeowner, I applaud the landlords of Hagerstown for fighting for the rental property ordinance to come to a public vote. As citizens, we have no say as to any new taxes being put upon us in city, state or federal government. Where is our democracy? Everything we do, eat or use has a tax on it. I feel voters should have more rights on proposed situations, rather than what a few people think. Let's think about our rights. Where is our freedom of speech?"

"I noticed a lot of discussion about the landlord registration. If they take care of their homes, registration wouldn't be necessary. What about the homeowners, don't we have any rights? Come to my neighborhood and see what the landlords have left move in their houses and how my property has decreased in value."

"I am calling about the landlord inspections that are supposed to start soon. Please advise us on how we can stop this from going on. It's a shame that a few people have to suffer because of the slobs in this town."

"I think the county planners made a blooper when they designed Eastern Boulevard, especially when you turn into the center at Antietam, near the Dollar Tree. I have witnessed two to three accidents a week there. Something needs to be done. Thank you."

"I live on Virginia Avenue near City Park. I would like for Chief Smith and the City Council to clean up the mess along the railroad tracks behind City Park. This will do far more for safety than the rental inspections. Maybe that is where the inspections should start."

"Does anyone know if Hess service stations have their model toy trucks available this year? If so, call Mail Call."

"If you picked up my checkbook Monday afternoon at Giant Eagle, please return it to the Giant Eagle office. There will be a reward."

"I agree with one of the letters to the editor about the miners that got trapped a few months ago. Thank God that they got rescued and are OK. But I agree with the letter to the editor, as far as, yes, they should get recognition, but I don't feel that they should get the amount of money to get it publicized into a movie. If it were me, I would just thank God that I was alive, but to make money on a tragedy like that, doesn't make sense to me. Money isn't everything, life is more important."

"I hope that the person that knocked down my mail box sometime Saturday, Oct. 9, has some damage to their car and has a repair bill to pay."

"I can't see that the people are going to wait until 6 p.m. to put trash out, when they didn't pay attention to the old time of 4 p.m. It seems like they just throw trash out at any old time. No wonder the town looks so bad."

"I was reading in the paper about the Irish Travelers being in the area. I really object to them saying Irish Travelers when they are not from Ireland. This is a discrimination against the Irish people."

"I think that the City Council should reconsider that 6 p.m. trash set out time. Do they really want the elderly to put themselves at risk for falls and injuries in the dark? I think a little common sense would be useful right now."

"Hopefully with the election of Governor-elect Ehrlich, the idea of placing a campus in downtown Hagerstown will die. It was a dumb idea to begin with. It always belonged out around Robinwood Drive. It was probably just a political payback for Parris Glendening. Sink that ship and build a new one."

"I was reading in the Nov. 12 paper about shopping downtown. You can shop downtown if there aren't any stores. If you are trying to shop down there, there is only one store that you can really shop at and that is CVS, the rest are banks and offices. They should bring in more stores, like the Family Dollar or McCrory's or any other store like that, if they want people to shop downtown again."

"To the person who called Mail Call and said that Bill Wivell has had no comment for the past four years, What planet are you living on? He always has a comment and it's usually a very informative comment. It might not be the one you want to hear, but he always has a comment."

"To my dad, who always reads Mail Call. Hi Dad, this is Billy."

"I am new to Hagerstown and I went to the Washington County Playhouse and saw their production of 'Annie.' It was wonderful. The little girl who played Annie was the best actress I have ever seen for a kid. I think her name was Gillian Kramer and I would encourage anyone to go to her. The other person that was really good was Miss Hannigan, I think her name was Suzanne Eckel-Blair. I think that everyone who gets a chance should go see that."

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