Letters to the editor 11/14

November 14, 2002

Great day for the GOP

To the editor:

The Washington County Republican Central Committee sincerely thanks every voter who braved the lines, chill and drizzle on Nov. 5 to vote. You made history for our county and our state. You turned out in the record numbers needed to elect Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele the state's first Republican governor in decades and the state's first black lieutenant governor.

By record margins, you elected record numbers of county Republicans to the state legislature, even toppling the Democratic Speaker of the House of Delegates. And you elected five strong Republicans to the Board of County Commissioners.

We also thank all those volunteers who worked tirelessly over the last year on behalf of the Ehrlich campaign and the Republican party's local candidates. You organized, hosted and attended May's record-breaking fund-raiser and October's record-breaking rally for Bob Ehrlich's campaign, eclipsing previous efforts by either party in our county.


You gave us space in your yards and fields for signs, wrote letters, stuffed envelopes for consolidated mailings, helped with our Republican voters' guide, served as precinct captains and checkers at the polls, and made telephone calls to get out the vote.

And to our party's candidates, we also express our sincere thanks - thanks for having the courage, values and determination to run for office and lead us, thanks for working together and with the Central Committee in reaching out to Independent voters and open-minded Democrats, and thanks for handing out one another's literature in your door-to-door campaigns, for consolidating your mailings and for working together to get out the vote.

Over the past year, the Washington County Republican Central Committee worked hard for what we hoped would be victory for strong Republican candidates up and down the ticket. With your help, our strategy and efforts paid off. On election day, you - the voters, candidates and volunteers - made every meeting, fund-raiser, sign, house-call, letter and telephone call worthwhile.

Now it's up to all of us to show that we are worthy of the trust the voters of Maryland and Washington County have placed in us. The Washington County Republican Central Committee is confident that if our party's candidates govern in the same spirit of fairness, cooperation, unity, inclusiveness, competence and diligence that was evident during the campaign, our citizens will not be disappointed.

Mickey Myers, Mark Boyer, Mark Thomas, Bob Sweeney, Paula Lampton, Rick Hugg, Hammond Urner, Philip Baker-Shenk

Washington County Republican Central Committee

Catty remark was uncalled for

To the editor:

Even after winning on Tuesday, Del. Bob McKee found it necessary to berate the character of both Peter Perini and the integrity of his campaign (Nov. 6). Who is the real "nasty" one? As the campaign publicist for the Committee for Peter Perini, I take pride in the level of passion and commitment Perini held for the community and citizens of Washington County.

Perini's decency and high tone was conducted above reproach. His desire to remind voters of McKee's often curious voting record was important and necessary. Never during the entire campaign did Perini ever attack McKee. In fact, he was very careful to point out McKee's commitment to public service.

However, when McKee voted against legislation on aspects of Homeland Security, an Internet registry, and protection for the elderly, Perini found it necessary to let voters know that if elected he would have taken another position.

McKee may have won the election this time (clearly with the help of the national Republican sweep), but I hope for the citizens and future of Washington County that Perini will try again.

For now, I look forward to the continued leadership of Peter E. Perini Sr. through his participation in community charitable events and causes, outreach as a CEO to local businesses for respectful growth, legislators to achieve positive goals for the county, his uncompromising advocacy for seniors and their health-care concerns and his citizenship to the county as a decent human being, husband and father of three. Please stay in politics Peter - we need you.

Carrol Van Stone

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

(Editor's note: Delegate McKee has apologized for his remark.)

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