Mail Call for 11/12

November 13, 2002

"I have been reading in The Daily Mail about vandalism and theft going on in the Cascade, Sabillasville and Fort Ritchie area and I also know that the community has had public meetings about this problem. About a week ago, five people were caught for the alleged vandalism and stealing. On Thursday, Nov. 7, I read where the Irish Travelers have been found in the area and have been accused of frauding elderly people and anyone else they can get money out of. 'Dateline' several weeks ago did a piece on the Irish Travelers and how they swindled people. I think Mail Call is a good place to put this information because so many people read Mail Call."

"Can someone tell my why the drugs in Canada are 60 percent cheaper than the United States? I don't understand this and I was hoping someone else could explain to me. After all, a drug company invents a new drug, that drug company puts the patent on that drug and it belongs to them for several years. So how come it is cheaper in Canada than the United States? It is all made by the same company, so why do we charge so much? I think the seniors are especially getting ripped off."



"These are the facts regarding the corporate world. Twenty-eight percent of United States workers trust their boss. A chief financial advisor has been indicted on 78 federal counts. How can this be ignored?"

"To the Washington County Hospital Administration: Shouldn't the security guards be more concerned with what is going on inside the hospital rather than outside directing traffic? It seems a little bit ridiculous to me."

"It was not the Republican landslide that defeated county commissioner Iseminger. It was all about his changing parties every election. The stadium and our real estate tax bill, bottom line, going up every year because the commissioners did not lower the tax rate in relation to our assessment automatically going up."

"Election Day is over and I was wondering when they were going to take down the campaign signs?"

"If a person can drive a car, why can't they pump their own gas?"

"Why do Paul Swartz and Bert Iseminger think that the county should fund the stadium for this small town millionaire? I am glad that the Republicans are in and there is not going to be any county tax money for a stadium."

"I will have to say that I am no lover of Cas Taylor and Mr. Myers is a very nice person, I have met him personally. But let me tell you that people really made a mistake. Washington County will never get a dime from the state now. I can guarantee you that. Because if you people forget that two thirds of the Maryland Legislature is Democratic. They couldn't care less about us, so don't expect any handouts. I think to cut the state budget, the first thing they ought to do is cancel the University of Maryland project downtown and move it to the Downsville Pike. Mr. Ehrlich made that an issue that the college shouldn't have been put there. It's not too late to stop it, that building can be sold to some commercial developer who might want to do something with it."

"I see where the ice rink is coming up with another $135,000 that they need from the city. I sure hope they don't do this again because this place has done nothing but lose money since they have been in existence."

"I think it's a terrible thing that us older people would have to go to Canada to get our medicine which most of us couldn't do. But then when the ones that want the happiness pills, should just move over there and give them the trouble that goes along with using dope."

"To the bus driver that is on Salem Avenue from Hagerstown to Cearfoss, around 3 p.m. in the afternoon. After you make a stop to let a child off, could you please pull over and let the line of cars behind you go around you? Every day, I am behind you and there is always 15 cars behind you. This would be much safer for the kids also."

"I am calling about the city of Hagerstown's decision to extend the time when people can set out their trash from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. so you can't set it out until 6 p.m. I think this is a bad decision because in the winter time, it is dark by 6 p.m. and a lot of the elderly have trouble seeing. I thought it was 4 p.m. before for the safety of the elderly. But evidentally common sense doesn't rule in Hagerstown."

"To the person making the statement about the snipers and the prosecutors fighting over them. What that is all about is because here in Maryland we have guys like Parris Glendening who have no backbone and right now we don't really have the death sentence. So the people in Virginia are going to try them because down they will be executed if convicted. There won't be any other trials because they don't play around down there in Virginia, they know what justice is all about."

"John Munson was just elected to a seat to the County Commissioners. He said he will not vote on any new taxes. He will fit in fine with Greg Snook and Bill Wivell, for they have had no comment for four years. Sad day for Washington County."

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