Letters to the editor 11/10

November 11, 2002

Allegheny a friend

To the editor:

Regarding Allegheny Energy, the letter by Dominick J. Perini hit the nail on the head. His experience should be weighted heavily.

As a young engineer, my company shipped my family all over the U.S.A. We worked and lived with five different electric utility companies. Allegheny has been the outstanding best of these. This includes dependability of service, reasonable cost and response to any problems.

Any thoughts by Hagerstown's City Light of "pulling the plug" on Allegheny Power should be tabled for at least three years. Local produce, when available, is almost always the best.

Charles M. Webster


We miss Doug

To the editor:

I have been intending to write commendation to Andrea Rowland and Joe Crocetta, ever since the article was published on Doug Higgins, the second-grade teacher at Williamsport Elementary School.


None of us wanted to see Higgins leave Boonsboro Elementary School! Those of us who assisted him as aides (parents and community persons) were all so sorry to see him leave. Yet we understood, for it meant much less travel for him to and from his residence, I believe, with greater access to all school functions.

Never was there a more caring teacher of second grades than Higgins. Parents who are fortunate enough to have their children in his class can be thankful for their good blessing. Andrea did an excellent article, picking up on other excellent teachers, who care enough to create a positive environment so that children can enjoy their opportunities to learn. One of those other articles printed recently was the story on the book published by Bester Elementary fourth graders.

The photo of Higgins deserves wider circulation among other schools as an example of the teachers we have in Washington County.

To those of you who are openly criticizing teachers, the educational system, etc., if you saw the article to which I refer, did it not make you a bit ashamed of yourselves to have such a narrow view of the needs of education in Washington County? No, we are not perfect, and sometimes, criticism is just. But then why don't you then encourage your neighbors, friends, etc. to get out and help in the classrooms as many of us did for a few years. You might enjoy learning!

Thanks Mr. Higgins. I enjoyed the two years with your leadership at Boonsboro and please know that I learn much even after cooperating with Lancaster County teachers so many years ago in the classroom. Learning is so ongoing and beneficial for those who are taught to care.

Olive Peters


County needs a no-kill shelter

To the editor:

I have just finished reading the article in The Herald-Mail concerning the Humane Society. Also how Commissioner Paul Swartz was sickened by the sight of so many innocent animals waiting to be adopted or taken care of.

It is truly a shame that we have these get-rich developers who want to keep putting up these great big developments for more great big houses for out-of-town rich people to come in and buy.

If a lot of people would just drive around and take notice of all the development of homes going up and people who want to keep going and putting up more, they would be astounded.

Where does one think all the water is coming from for these homes? It's not just the lack of rain. Where do you think they are drawing this water from?

The Humane Society doesn't have the resources to have a no-kill shelter. Isn't it a shame that some of these big-wigs couldn't do something about that? There are several cities that do have a no-kill shelter. Why couldn't someone do something about it in our town? We don't need all these shopping centers and housing developments.

A no-kill shelter would be a haven for poor defenseless animals to live out their lifves or be adopted. I'm sure there are many people who would volunteer some of their time to help take care of them. It is truly alarming to hear of all the animals that were put down.

I think the county should think long and hard about a no-kill shelter. They built a new building. It wouldn't take much to add on or put it to a good use.

Instead of disposing, make it a sanctuary.

S. Barr


John Craig will be missed

To the editor:

William O. Wilson's family, Hagerstown, and Brothers United lost a good friend when John Craig died in mid-October.

John was a big, gruff, kind- hearted bear of a man, who first began making trips to Hagerstown from his home in the eastern suburbs of Washington, D.C., when the grave of William O. Wilson was located on April 16, 1997. At that time, he was a member of the Washington Chapter of the 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Association (Buffalo soldiers).

John and his good friends, Isaac (Ike) and Margo Prentice, partnered with Brothers United to produce a very successful military funeral ceremony at the Medal of Honor recipient's gravesite in Rose Hill Cemetery, May 30, 1998.

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