Mail Call for 11/7

November 08, 2002

"I would like to direct this to the editor of The Daily Mail and I would also like the opinion of my fellow Mail Call companions. I love Mail Call, it is my favorite part of the paper. It is the first thing I read in the paper. I wish the editors would allow more space for Mail Call. It is a very important part of the community. You are the only paper that I know of that allows the community to voice their opinion and vent their anger in an intelligent way."

"I have a question about the sniper case. They are fighting over the snipers. 'I want to try them,' 'no I want to try him,' 'no we get him first.' What does it matter who gets him first, they can only kill him once. If he gets the death sentence in one county, are they going to spend all our tax dollars to prosecute him and try him in other counties? If he gets the death penalty, they can only kill him once. Why waste the tax dollars?"


"In the Nov. 5 paper, page A8, The Herald-Mail had a very informative article on the continuing drought. I don't understand. It went on to tell us that Washington County has received some rain but not enough to stop wells from drying up all around the county. The point I don't understand is if wells are continuing to dry up, and it's a well-known fact that the entire country is in a five-year drought now, why has Washington County not imposed a plan to conserve water? People continue to water grass, wash cars and play in water. If something isn't imposed upon us on conserving water, we are going to end up like Frederick County. We are going to end up paying thousands of dollars of tax money to have water brought in. I think we better grab this bull by the horns while we still have a chance and do something."

"Ames is gone. That doesn't leave too many types of those stores except for Target and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart, Ames, Target and Kmart are places that I used to go to because they are all cheaper. Lord, I pray Wal-Mart and Target don't take it on the lam or I don't know what poor people would do."

"Is there any chance that Kohl's Department Store will be coming to Hagerstown? There will be a lot of vacancies. It's a beautiful store. I wish Hagerstown would get one."

"My husband belongs to a local union and we are tired of getting the phone calls and the mailings from the union telling us who to vote for. I don't like our union dues being used to campaign for candidates. The union thinks that we don't have a mind of our own. We are tired of it and we want it stopped."

"For years we have had stories about the dumbest crooks. How about the dumb things that the city fathers do? For a start, paint lines on the street on Salem Avenue in front of the entrance to Salem Avenue Elementary School on Election Day. How dumb."

"In response to the lady who said CASA told her to donate her womens' clothing to the Salvation Army. She was unhappy because everything was to be put on the sales rack for the public. What she doesn't realize is that the needy who go to the Salvation Army for help are given a voucher to go to the Thrift Store to receive these retail items for free."

"To the lady who had the clothes to give away and CASA wouldn't take them. Next time, give them to the Trinity Lutheran Church on Randolph Avenue in Hagerstown. They give clothes to the needy. Thank you."

"Washington County Hospital belongs in the city limits. It has been accessible to anyone for almost 100 years. Moving to Robinwood would create more traffic, more accidents, more congestion and more stress. I cringe at the idea of driving to Robinwood Medical Center."

"I would like to thank the man who helped me get my car off the Antietam Street hill. I was very scared because I kept drifting back and I thought I was going to hit your van. My name is Tammy and I would like to thank you very much."

"On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I read an article in the paper for a fund-raiser to help the AIDS patients. I think they need to help the cancer patients instead."

"To the kind-hearted sweet lady who helped us out on Nov. 5. You know who you are and thank you so much."

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