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Mail Call for 11/6

November 07, 2002

"This was one of the worst campaigns for voting as far as name calling and mud slinging. I would like to congratulate Don Munson and Charlie Mades. They have had advertisements on the radio and in the paper and they never once mentioned their opponents or anything bad about anyone. They just very politely asked for our vote and that is very impressive. It's hard when your kids look at these campaigns and say we were taught not to talk about people and here adults are slinging mud right and left. Don Munson and Charlie Mades should be congratulated on a very nice clean campaign."

"To the very nice lady who bought our daughter the Tony Hawk PlayStation game at Wal-Mart on Oct. 28, around 9 p.m. Your kindness just goes to show that there are still good people in this world. I wish we could have thanked you in person. You will make one special girl very happy on Christmas morning and I hope that you have a nice holiday season also. Thanks very much."


"The people in charge of the Main Avenue Westview Project have decided to tear down the 50-year-old buildings. Why not sell those buildings and pick a piece of ground somewhere else, then put up your structure? You could make revenue rather than spend money to tear down. I am interested in buying. I am a property owner. Right now, those buildings look nicer than anything else in Hagers-town."

"When the president gets on or off a plane, I think there should be an escalator. There are too many steps."

"I live in the northeast section of the city and we had so many trick or treaters that I ran out of goodies at 7:45 p.m. and had to close up shop. I am very impressed on how well-mannered the children were. Each and every one of them said 'thank you.' I was really impressed this year, nice group of people."

"Every Democrat in the United States should be ashamed of their party's behavior at the Minnesota fiasco. What a shame! What a terrible way to solemnize someone who was a nice person. Too, too bad."

"On Friday, Nov. 1, I found a set of three keys on a plain key ring in a parking lot off of Franklin Street near downtown. Two of the keys looked to be kind of important. I turned them in next door at Duke's Tavern on Franklin Street."

"Where are the full service gas stations located? I pulled into what used to be a full service station. There was an employee putting oil in a car several steps away from me but made no attempt to inform me that they were no longer a full service station. Where are people who are unable to pump their own gas supposed to go?"

"I work in the Baltimore area and I live in Hagerstown. I come back to Hagerstown on I-70 at 3:15 and I continue to see Washington County School buses traveling from Baltimore County towards the Hagerstown area with no kids on them between 3 or 3:15 almost every other day. What are these buses doing on the road going that direction with no kids on them at that time of day?"

"Is there anyone out there who could give me ideas on how to get someone help who needs help making a house payment? She has been out of work for a year now. She is unable to work and Social Security disability isn't giving her help, Social Services isn't giving her any help. I have tried as much as possible but I ran out of resources to help her. Please help me."

"Telemarketers, they bug us all but now we have to put up with the political telemarketers. It is 9 p.m. at night and I just had a call from another one. I made it a point last year to not vote for those who called me and disturbed me."

"For someone who lost a set of keys on Summit Avenue in the 800 block. It had a Martin's bonus card on it. I took it out to Martin's Store on Wesel Boulevard because I had no idea who it belonged to. It looked like it had car and house keys on it. So, instead of going to the expense of getting new ones made, go out to the Martin's store and pick them up."

"I was at the Mummers' Parade the other night and I was wondering if all the people driving the big rigs are professional drivers? We witnessed one of the drivers not watching what he was doing and he slammed on his brakes and one of the ladies fell off the float. He didn't even stop to see if anyone was hurt. He slammed on the brakes and all the kids fell off the hay bales and stuff. So I was wondering if they just let anyone drive or do you have to be a professional? We were wondering if the lady was hurt or not."

"To the person complaining in Monday's Mail Call about not being thanked for handing out candy for Halloween. My advice to you is don't do it. If you have a problem with it, shut your light off. I am trying to teach a 3-year-old how fun trick or treating can be but I always remind him to say 'thank you.' It's a fun time of year for all the kids. Again, turn your light off and you won't be bothered but you will miss out on the fun on the number one night of the year for the kids to have a great time. Ease up!"

"Once again the Mummers' Parade was too long. We don't need lawnmowers in the parade. We appreciate the fire trucks and ambulances but we know what they look like. You people need to go to Winchester to the Apple Blossom Parade to see what a real parade is like. It doesn't have all this stuff in it. You need to have it in the daytime and with some celebrities, not the local yokels."

"To the person who was bombing my car with eggs in Williamsport. I have a camera on my car now so if you would like, the tape will be turned over to the police."

"Concerning our sheriff in Hagerstown, Md., - Charlie Mades. I like Charlie Mades. He is a nice guy and I really like him but he is getting too old for the job. We need a new man with new ideas in there."

"To the kindhearted sweet lady who helped us out on Nov. 5. You know who you are and thank you so much."

"The article in Monday, Nov. 4, about groceries to go to help people with AIDS is disagreeable. Help the people who really deserve it."

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