Letters to the editor 11/7

November 07, 2002

Join our effort for the kids

To the editor:

Celebrating its fourth year of success, Children in Need, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization, just finished its back-to-school program in Washington County. We would like to thank K-Mart and its employees for their assistance in coordinating and handling our Aug. 23 shopping spree for needy families in our area.

We also want to thank the pupil personnel workers from the Board of Education for their hard work throughout the year and especially for being the major liaison in helping the children.

Children in Need Inc., allotted a $35 voucher per child redeemable for children's clothing. Children qualified if they were eligible for the free and reduced lunch program for the Washington County schools.

We distributed 750 vouchers this year and it was a huge success. This represents about 4 percent of a potential 25 percent qualifying base. In addition, during the month of August, we distributed over 4,000 pieces of gently used clothing from our warehouse to 624 children as well as $3,200 worth of school supplies.


At this time we would also like to thank Wal-Mart and its employees for their wonderful assistance throughout the year for our shopping needs. As we go forward there is currently a coat drive in progress sponsored by the Bon Ton in the Mall. The store employees spearheaded this project so that we would have coats for kids. Our collection box is at their store. The success of our organization lies in the assistance we get from the community.

Gently used clothing is always welcomed and can be dropped off at 1201 Potomac Avenue. The organization's mission is to help give children a chance to learn and have a sense of self-esteem. It is everyone's responsibility to care for our childrenthey are our future. Many thanks to all the helping hands and the community support.

John P. Itell


Support the police

To the editor:

The reported shooting of West Virginia State Police trooper R.J. Elswick (this gallant officer is in our prayers as he struggles to recover) only serves to highlight a greater societal problem.

It is a sad commentary upon society when criminals are elevated to celebrity status by virtue of their infamy, while heroes remain unsung. Police officers are the true heroes and heroines of our still-mean streets across this nation.

Their vigils have not been without enormous costs, both physical and emotional. The National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Wall (administered by Chairman Craig W. Floyd) in Washington, D.C., starkly attests to too many such fallen defenders of public safety.

Please take a moment to thank those special persons who (still) care enough to serve and protect. May another name never need be inscribed upon Craig Floyd's wall of honor, sympathy and tears, due to the poor, "misunderstood" criminals - or those who support them.

Joe Hammell

Waynesboro, Pa.

Park denied for good reasons

To the editor:

I wish to respond to letters and articles in area newspapers, concerning the proposed all-terrain vehicle park in Coseytown.

First: The planning commission turned down the request for the ATV park due to arguments presented against the proposed commercial enterprise, which would not comply with either R1 or R2 zoning. The Planning Commission does not extend personal invitations to meetings - meetings are held each month. The time, date and agenda information is available at the township office.

Second: Mr. Horst is being asked to bring his business into compliance with current zoning. He does have the right to appeal the decision of the Zoning Hearing Board within 30 days of the notice. When zoning for the ATV park was questioned, the township administrators became aware that the existing repair business did not meet zoning ordinances.

Third: The Coseytown area has narrow, winding roads. There are numerous hidden driveway entrances. Pedestrian traffic, by adults and children is constant in this area each day.

Coseytown residents daily gather a bag of trash from along the roads, just with existing traffic. Considering the above, why would residents want more traffic along these roads, not to mention the dust and noise from a 45-acre ATV park adjoining their residences?

Tom Bohon

Greencastle, Pa.

Spooky time had by all

To the editor:

I wanted to publicly thank Britner's Produce and its employees for a job well done on their Hometown Halloween haunted hayride.

I recently participated in this experience with my 11-year-old twin boys. It was a great time spent with my boys. I would encourage other families to visit Britner's.

They have captured a nostalgic experience that you and your children will enjoy and remember for a long, long time.

From the whistle of the autumn wind through the dry fall foliage to the three-foot spider dropping from above with every creak of the wagon as it makes its way over the rough path through the wood. There is another thrill awaiting.

Again thanks to the Britners and their staff for some safe haunted Halloween fun.

Monty Jones

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