Mail Call for 11-5

November 06, 2002

"Seems like the Canadian prime minister has the right idea. Why tie up the judicial system and spend thousands of dollars by keeping someone for smoking a little pot when the Indians did it, the Chinese did it? Now the Canadians are going to do it freely. When is the United States going to get a little loose with the law?"

"I was reading The Herald-Mail on Saturday, Nov. 2, page A5 where a Thurmont police officer was seriously injured after running his car into a tree during a car chase. God bless him and I hope your rehabilitation is a speedy one. Why don't they outlaw car chases? This officer could have lost his life and could have injured innocent people. Why chase someone? Get the tag number and then find them."

"What is going on around here? About every six months you can go on a bus and they will take you into Canada so you can get your medications cheaper. It's a well-known fact the United States pays the highest prices on drugs than any other country in the world. Yes, Bush is trying to look into this new generic law. I think we should have this bus going to Canada and get ourselves a little bag of happiness. They relaxed the laws up there and I say look out, Canada, you are going to have an overrun on old people on one bus for their drugs and then the rest of us on another bus for what we would call happiness drugs."


"With the season of the holidays coming upon us, we should all bow our heads in prayer and say thanks to our heavenly father. Please, let's not forget the needy during our holidays. Sometimes we are so blessed with our lives that we forget the misery of others. As the Bible says, If you spin yourself in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will be raised in the darkness and your night will become like the noon day. Also he that giveth to the poor, shall not lack. 28:27. It would be nice if we could do this all year long. We should share our blessings with others. Share what you have."

"I want to know if anyone else's children enjoy The Mini Page that is put in The Herald-Mail on Sundays? My children just love it. I wondered what all the fun was about until I read it myself. It's quite interesting. They have a lot of educational things in there for the kids. Every week, it features a small recipe. I kind of wish it could be two pages instead of one Mini Page. Thanks, Herald-Mail, for devoting a section for the children. I think it's a wonderful idea."

"The D.C. area has just had a tiny taste of the terror that Israel has lived with for over 40 years now with no end in sight. I am thankful that the sniper here is caught and maybe we could all feel for Israel before we begin asking our government to use restraint in dealing with the suicide bombers."

- Hagerstown

"Please vote! Poor officials are elected by those people who don't vote."

"I read in Mail Call where someone had yarn that they would like to donate or give to someone who could put it to good use. I am interested and my number is 301-733-8840."

"I just received a thing in the mail from a politician saying that he wants to reduce the classes to 18 students so they will have better attention. What ever happened? When I went to school, we had 30 to 40 in a class and we learned. Last week I saw on TV where a guy was posing in front of his future wife's classroom of nine students. That is terrible. Only nine students in one class."

"Instead of putting the snipers on trial, let's put them in front of a firing squad and do to them what they did to the other people who are no longer with us."

"My name is Angela and I saw in Mail Call where someone was giving yarn away. I would like to have that yarn, my number is 240-420-6922."

"Bill Breichner wants the citizens to get involved in site selection for a new hospital by encouraging hospital officials to keep the hospital in the city. For those of us who know this is a big mistake, please write to the hospital officials, recommending that the Robinwood site is best. Free parking, more space, better access and less noise are just a few reasons to have our new hospital in a suburban area. Send letters to the Board of Directors at the Washington County Hospital, 251 E. Antietam St., Hagerstown, MD 21740."

"I think it's ridiculous that the people waiting to be elected are calling houses and leaving recorded messages. They call over and over again. I think 9:30 at night is ridiculous to call and leave a message like that."

"I had 15 large bags of very expensive small ladies' clothing for CASA. I called them and they said to give it to The Salvation Army. I went there and they told me that they put everything on the rack for the public. It's for sale. If someone comes in and buys it, it goes toward the store. We need someone to open and operate a shop to help poor women and children fairly for clothing and all other necessities for them. Help them get on their feet and start over."

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