Mail Call for 11/4

November 05, 2002

"I am also a native of Hagerstown's Westview development on Main Avenue. My mother, five sisters and one brother lived there from 1963-1987. The housing projects was good enough for us. My sister and I were there last week and took some pictures and went into our old home. The house still looks the same, except for new windows. It has real closets with real doors. There are really nice updated kitchens, bathrooms and shrubbery and fences all around the houses. They are really nice for anyone to live in. They are brick and there are hardwood floors. When we lived there, we had to mow our own grass and when we didn't, we were charged for it. Now they get it mowed for them."

"I am the lady who has the six acres of land who tried to adopt from the Humane Society and there was a lady who wanted me to call her about adopting some animals. Unfortunately, I have to go out of the country for about six months, but as soon as I return, I will get in touch with you. This came up all of the sudden. But I will get in touch with you."


"I am calling to see if anyone is taking a bus trip to Park City. If you are, leave your name and number in the paper."

"I think a light should be put down here at U.S. 40 going east from Ridenour Road. It's dark when you turn down that way. There used to be one there a long time ago.

"To all the parents who took your children trick or treating, you could have said thank you. It's bad enough that the kids don't, you could. That is very disrespectful. If you are going to go trick or treating, remember to mind your manners and say thank you next time."

"I would like to thank Heritage Academy for hosting the College Fair on Oct. 24. It was a great and informative evening. Thanks to all who helped in making this evening possible."

"To the candidates running for election. I would like to say that those of you who are running should be put into a category with telemarketers. For the last week, I have gotten one or two recorded messages every day asking me to vote for them. This is one sure way not to get my vote."

"Please build the new hospital at Robinwood, everything at one location. Consider everyone, not just Hagerstonians. In future years, Robinwood has plenty of room to expand, not the Hagerstown location."

"I want to thank Timmy and China Hamilton for their good service I had when I lived on their paper route. I sure do miss them. My best to you."

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