Letters to the editor - 11/5/02

November 05, 2002

Kill with kindness

To the editor:

Man's horrific, shameful treatment of animals throughout history is almost too much to bear. One's conscience can almost feel their suffering. The only thing that has changed is that the abusers are more techologically proficient.

Animals are still seen as a commodity and the assembly lines of death are busier than ever. Greed clouds the minds of the bean counters and bottom-line watchers. If everyone at work and play would simply remember to treat animals with respect and dignity, a lot would change. Our way of life demands that animals be killed, but they could be dispatched as humanely as possible. All unnecessary abuse could be abolished as well.

By unnecessary I mean the breeding of some dogs and cats, donkey basketball, bull fights, trophy hunting, rodeos, the laboratory testing of cosmetics and household products, some medical research and above all, commercial fur farming.

What's necessary is the slaughter of animals for human consumption. What's unnecessary are production goals that are too high. Killing methods suffer because of these goals. How many animals suffer daily at factory slaughterhouses?


Some farming methods need to be examined as well. The overcrowding of animals in their pens. Cattle tails being docked without the benefit of anesthesia. The debeaking of chickens and above all, veal production.

We must learn to treat animals - I am tempted to say the same as other human beings, but that would be farcical - with a higher understanding of respect and dignity. There are a hundred ways we could help animals every day if we would only remember - respect and dignity!

I have drafted a bill of rights for animals. If you would like a copy write me at: Bill of Rights Initiative, c/o Lanny McClure, P.O. Box 51, Quincy, PA 17247-0051.

Lanny McClure

Waynesboro, Pa.

Brotherly love from sister city

To the editor:

On behalf of the Sister City Affiliation I would like to thank all of the people who had a role in the celebration of the 50 year partnership between Hagerstown and Wesel, Germany. This includes sponsors and host families.

Our organization, along with Mayor William Breichner, his wife Gann, Frances Young and members of the staff of city employees hosted a delegation of around 50 Wesel (pronounced VAY-SEL) citizens. This group included their mayor, some council members and my German counterpart, the Rev. Albrecht Holthuis.

The rest of the delegation was made up of other Wesel citizens who wanted to experience America and visit their sister city.

The group toured the Antietam Battlefield, the Hager House and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts which had housed an exhibition from Wesel in 1954. They also attended a concert whose theme featured all German music by our treasured Maryland Symphony Orchestra. The group also attended a banquet and dual language church service held at Zion Reformed Church.

Part of the German group included members of Zirkus Butterfly. This organization of teenagers from the Wesel area performed at the local nursing home as well as at one of the celebratory dinners. They exhibited phenomenal talent and I think that many Hagerstonians wanted to keep them in town and perhaps adopt them as their own.

We enjoyed hosting our European friends in our homes and exchanging ideas as well as discussing differences of our two cultures. The purpose of the Sister City relationship is to promote world peace through understanding our cultural differences at a personal level. This idea was brought to Hagerstown in 1952. It is one of the oldest relationships in America and probably the oldest German-American one. It has been fostered by many people throughout the 50 years including Jane Burhans, who attended the recent events.

Burhans Boulevard is named after Jane's husband Winslow, who was a three-term mayor of Hagerstown.

When you travel on Burhans Boulevard and turn onto Wesel Boulevard, remember the relationship which continues to grow like the trees planted at that intersection. Some of them have been planted by previous exchange groups from Wesel and there is room for more to be planted by future groups.

Steve Lanhart

President of the Sister City Affiliation


Leave us in peace

To the editor:

Concerning the re-enactment of Antietam, to:

Those who play at war (knowing nothing/everything of war) with thespian courage, thespian glory, thespian valor, thespian screams, thespian pain and thespian death!

Those who would profit from these with thespian smiles.

Those who seek the heart of the land for one so they may sell its soul for two.

Go ye elsewhere and leave us in peace.

R. Violet


Fight real birds with fake birds

To the editor:

To the City of Hagerstown and the Washington County Health Department:

Something needs to be done about the crows and pigeons in the North Mulberry Street area. They make dirt over everyone's cars. We keep going to the car wash and $1.75 every two days adds up.

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