Hecht unfair to Mooney

November 05, 2002

To the editor

As a former resident of the great state of Maryland, I am still concerned with the welfare of the good people in Washington and Frederick Counties. The October 29th edition of another Maryland newspaper featured a story about Senator Alex Mooney's mother, Lala, who was the victim of spouse abuse by her late husband. Sue Hecht used this tragic family history as a forum to question why Senator Mooney didn't support the confiscation of weapons from those accused of spouse abuse.

Let's think this through before we rush to foolish judgments and do serious damage to our criminal justice system and trample our Constitutional rights.

Spouse abuse is committed by women, as well as men. It is a heinous act which should be fully prosecuted under the law. But let's also be careful to preserve justice prior to forcing law enforcement officers to exacerbate already dangerous circumstances.

Therein lies a major difference between Senator Mooney and Delegate Hecht. Senator Mooney is concerned about justice and equal protection under the law, while Ms. Hecht is vulnerable to dubious liberal nostrums that reflect a "police state" mentality.


Ms. Hecht continually attacks Senator Mooney for not endorsing Governor Glendenning's proposed budget, as though Senator Mooney intentionally withheld funds from certain good causes. Senator Mooney has continually stated he would gladly sign a responsible budget, but not one that uses taxpayer dollars to fund late term abortions.

There are many things we all would like to have, but if we can't afford them, we have to prioritize our spending. Perhaps Ms. Hecht's time would be better spent taking a course in basic economics rather than bashing Senator Mooney and distorting his record.

Also, could Ms. Hecht please provide an acceptable explanation as to why Maryland's esteemed governor felt he included in this year's budget a new jet, when there are of severe money shortages and everyone else has been asked to

reduce spending.

According to her comments of WFMD on 11/2/02, they need the jet to transport

prisoners from other states back to Maryland, and prisoners shouldn't fly with normal citizens. What a crock!

Prisoners returning to Maryland are escorted in restraints by armed U.S. Marshalls. Do they deserve better accommodations that those of us who have to fly economy?

My husband works for the State of Maryland, and state employees are taking another hit with increased health care costs, but not increase in pay AGAIN! I urge responsible citizens of Washington and Frederick Counties to get out and support Senator Mooney and vote for a more responsible governor on Tuesday.

Hope E. Lewis

110 Crider Avenue

Fayetteville, PA 17222

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