Mail Call for 11/1

November 04, 2002

"The sniper killings were terrible but this young man who was involved in it didn't even belong in this country. Maryland is dumb for having a law on their books where they don't execute someone under 18. Apparently, he has been in trouble with the law ever since he got here and we should have kicked him out of the country three years ago. The police had numerous chances to do so, but it probably had something to do with the immigration law."

"To the special guy who repaired our steps on Oct. 24, you know who you are, thank you very much."

"I hope everyone will vote for John Donoghue for delegate in the General Election for he is one that continues fighting for the Carefirst/BlueCross BlueShield plan to become a forprofit company and sell the assets to California Based Broad Point and those who are insured with that now will reap millions of dollars if this is sold. But the only thing we are going to reap is higher medical payments and less care."


"I am responding to someone who wanted to know how long you have to change your tags if you are from out of state. You have 30 days. I know this for a fact because I had a police officer come to my door and tell me that I had 30 days to get it changed. If not, I would be fined every day thereafter."

"In response to the person who wanted to know how long you can have untagged cars in your yard. If you live in town and it's parked along the streets, it must have tags and insurance on it. But if it's on your own private property, it doesn't matter how long it sits there or if it has tags or not. I know this for a fact from personal experience."

"Found: Catoctin High School class ring. My number is 301-393-9154."

"I want to let everyone know that Old Forge Elementary School is collecting box tops for education and their phone number is 301-766-8273."

"My mother-in-law passed away about a month ago and we found a bag of yarn that has never been used. I would like to donate it to a nursing home or anyone who could put it to good use. Please put it in Mail Call and I will be looking for your response."

"There was a question last week regarding Kiwanis Club of Hagers-town and they were looking for a phone number. The Kiwanis Club of Hagerstown can be reached by calling Bud at 301-739-1129. He is the current president. The Kiwanis Club is alive and well in Hagers-town and doing lots for the community."

"We would like to thank Halfway Fire Co. for having the Halloween party for the kids. That was very nice of them. Thank you."

"For the person looking for the women's shelter to send the clothes to. Send them to CASA."

"I would like to put a big thank you out to the couple who stopped on Burhans Boulevard at Franklin Street and helped me move my car out of traffic when it stalled on me. It was greatly appreciated and I was afraid someone would hit the back end of it. Thanks again and also the man who offered me his cell phone to use. The kindness of these people in Hagerstown was very much appreciated."

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