Vote to replace Bartlett

November 04, 2002

To the editor:

Let's hope the people of Washington County and Frederick County realize how useless and ineffective Roscoe Bartlett has been in representing our area in the U.S. Congress and will vote for Donald DeArmon come Tuesday's election. I am no fan of Donald DeArmon but we need another voice in Congress who is possibly in synch with the 20th century. We left the 19th Century more than 100 years ago.

I am a registered Democrat and will vote for Bob Ehrlich in this upcoming election and feel so strongly about this change in our state government that I would relinquish my vote for any state or local candidate if I were sure Roscoe Bartlett would lose this election.

If all we expected from a U.S. Congressman was to attend ribbon-cutting ceremonies or deliver proclamations for a $150,000-a-year salary, then he fits the bill perfectly.

We deserve more He lacks any kind of creative thinking whatsoever. What happened to his belief in term limits, or his commitment to balance the federal budget during his first term? He stated that he "would not seek re-election" if the federal budget was not balanced after his first term.


Remember the reason he gave for abstaining from voting against the Ohio Congressman: "It would have been very easy to vote yes."

Either he supported the man's actions or he didn't know any better. I suspect the latter.

He has floated through Congress for the past eight years and to my knowledge has no intention of producing anything of substance, either for our area or for the country. A vote for the other guy is a vote against Bartlett. Please do your part to improve our representation in the United States Congress.

Larry M. Doucette


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