Letters to the editor - 11/3/02

November 04, 2002

Washington County deserves good representation

If you want a senator to represent you, it is important that that individual share your perspective on government and the issues of the day. I think I do.

I believe:

Values count - there is a right and a wrong.

Tax money is the people's money first, not the government's.

Government is not the answer to every question.

Helping people is the responsibility of each elected official - we are servants, not masters.

Let me give you some specifics. I believe:

World-class education is essential to our future and funding for it will require a return to fiscal responsibility in Maryland.

We must build support for the transportation infrastructure needs of Washington County. I have delivered in the past and I know how to get it done.


We must provide prescription benefits to our elderly who have no alternatives. This will take leadership and the ability to work with all stakeholders - retirees, businesses and workers. We have taken small steps in this direction but we must do more. I am committed to building the necessary coalition.

We must limit the money government takes from people. We need more people in Annapolis who believe that - not fewer.

Our legal system should be just, supportive of law enforcement, hostile to criminals and helpful to the injured. It should not line the pockets of the "suit happy" at our expense (the great hidden tax we pay every day). Run-away lawsuits do not need another supporter in Annapolis.

We must provide a healthy environment for our children, and that can be done while making sure they will have jobs.

Washington County deserves its share of all state revenues. I have helped make sure we get it - more than $405 million over the last four years.

Constituent service is not an afterthought, but a responsibility. It may not be important to the privileged who can protect themselves or those who know and work the system, but it is all-important to the average Joe or Jane up against a fixed bureaucracy alone. Government must serve those who own it - the people.

I believe, indeed, I know from experience that I can represent the views of Washington County's people and still be effective. I will not be a minor player in Maryland's big party machine. I have always worked for you, my neighbors, right here in this community. I will continue to be your voice in Annapolis. I cast my votes looking toward home, not toward some failed party line that has put us $1.7 billion in debt and still far from our goals.

In sum, I stand for and with Washington County and what is important to us. I will continue to be faithful to our priorities and our values. I have the experience and proven ability. I ask for your vote.

Donald F. Munson

Senator, District 2

Don't fall for error-filled letters about Cas Taylor

To the editor:

The Oct. 20 (Sunday) edition of The Herald-Mail published a letter by Edward L. James of Hancock. In his letter he appeared to question Herald-Mail's publisher John League's description of how the newspaper would select candidates for endorsement.

James is apparently attempting to make the publisher's decision for him insofar as Speaker Casper R. Taylor Jr. is concerned.

I will attempt to address James inaccurate and untrue statements regarding Speaker Taylor. James states that Taylor is not a conservative. However, Taylor led the fight that reduced the state's income tax by 10 percent and he voted for tort reform, which prevents frivolous lawsuits by trial lawyers.

The Maryland Manufacturing Council recently named him "Legislator of the Year."

Regarding the gun law issue, the Speaker voted against gun control but voted for laws that penalize criminals and protect children. Cas Taylor makes no secret that he favors the return of thoroughbred horse racing to Allegany County.

Horse racing is, and has been, legal in Maryland and is one of Maryland's leading industries. It has not been that long ago that there was horse racing in both Hagerstown and Cumberland. James states that Taylor favors slot machines at racetracks.

Taylor has never voted in favor of slot machines. He has supported the citizens' right to a constitutional amendment referendum. The decision to allow or not allow slot machines at race tracks will be decided by the citizens of the state of Maryland, not by Casper Taylor or any other public official.

Taylor's ethics are beyond reproach. He has a small plaque on his desk that quotes Thomas Jefferson. "I have the consolation of having added nothing to my private fortune during my public service, and retiring with hands as clean as they are empty."

James further stated that Speaker Taylor does not have a real job and his business experience is more than 25 years old. Taylor owned and managed a restaurant business for 37 years and sold the business in 1992 - About 10 years ago, not 25 as James said. Taylor has proven his leadership ability.

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