Adkins, Worley play at Maryland Theatre

November 04, 2002|by PEPPER BALLARD

"We ain't good. We're just good ol' boys," sang the towering country duo of Trace Adkins and Darryl Worley to a fan-crazed audience Sunday at The Maryland Theatre.

"The big men in country are definitely in Hagerstown," Adkins said to the packed crowd during the first of two shows called The Big Men of Country Tour.

A laid-back Worley told fans he and Adkins, who both stand 6 feet 6 inches tall, chose to go on tour together because the two of them weren't housebroken yet.


The two-hour show began with Worley, who broke up his "good, traditional country music" to tell a few funny short stories about a kid who set a lawn mower on fire and a girl who broke his heart.

Worley said he loved the ornate woodwork at the theater.

"This is one of those classy places we get to play," he said.

After a short intermission, Adkins stirred things up, storming onto the stage and gyrating his hips, belting out three songs before addressing the excited audience.

"Did y'all enjoy my brother Darryl?" Adkins asked. The audience screamed.

Cindy Senft, 18, looked as if she had been kissed by Adkins himself after leaving the theater.

"Trace Adkins moved his hips really well," she said.

Adkins thanked his fans for supporting him through a "bummed" period recently.

He said that he doesn't usually watch his music videos a lot, but his latest video has had him glued to the television.

"I find something new in it every time," he said.

Adkins called Worley and himself, "Stone-cold country young men."

The two singers joined together once to sing about being good ol' boys after telling tales to the audience about how simple their lives have been living in small towns.

Both singers received standing ovations at the close of each of their performances.

Doris Minear, 43, said she drove from Pittsburgh just to see Adkins, but said Worley's down-home country style didn't bother her one bit.

"He's wonderful," she said.

Barb Shaffer, 39, and her speechless young daughter Sabrina waved at Worley through nearly his entire set.

The two are members of Worley's fan club and Sunday's performance was one of several the two have attended.

"I like the traditional country, really," Barb Shaffer said.

Adkins dedicated a song to troops in Afghanistan, where he'll be performing in December.

"I think sometimes they're forgotten about," he said.

It's likely the fans won't forget the duo's concert.

Aurena Raines, 49, of Fredericksburg, Va., was caught posing beside a tour bus for a family photograph.

"We believe that's Darryl Worley's bus," she said, adding that she really liked Worley's first song, "A Good Day to Run."

An hour into the second show Sunday, concertgoers were briefly evacuated from the theater after a smoke detector went off backstage, prompting an automatic call to Washington County Fire and Rescue Communications.

Battalion Chief Randy Myers arrived on the scene shortly after the 8:02 p.m. call, along with Hagerstown firefighters, and traced the source of the alarm to cigarette smoke backstage.

Once that was discovered, theater patrons were allowed to go back inside, Myers said.

Staff writer Marlo Barnhart contributed to this story.

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