letters to the editor - 11/1/02

November 01, 2002

Jim Kercheval is a leader

To the editor:

As Election Day draws near, I want to give my personal viewpoint on County Commissioner candidate James F. Kercheval. I met Kercheval many years ago through the Jaycees of Hagerstown, a leadership training organization. Over these years, he has earned my deepest respect as a Jaycee member and as a human being. He genuinely enjoys giving to others and helping the community without the need for recognition, and I have witnessed his dedication to community service inside and outside the Jaycee organization.

As president of the Jaycees of Hagerstown, his natural leadership and empowering way of communicating and interacting with all the members not only saved our chapter, but also made us one of the top chapters in the state. Kercheval was given a Maryland Jaycee Militia, the highest honor in the Maryland Jaycees' organization, for his many years of hard work.

The most important lesson he taught me was that you must see every member as unique, important and with a lot to offer the organization. Kercheval has the keen sense to involve others when their strengths are prevalent to help accomplish the overall goals. That is why he is qualified to represent me and other Washington County citizens as a County Commissioner.


Jim Kercheval will receive my vote on Nov. 5! I know he will work hard for every citizen in this county and will listen with genuine interest to all opinions in the community. Not only does he have the knowledge on the issues, but he also has a strong character and a sincere interest in helping this community grow and prosper. I encourage all Washington County citizens to inform themselves on James F. Kercheval and find out exactly why I consider him one of Washington County's finest!

Letha Grimes


For action, vote for Brown

To the editor:

I am voting for Jim Brown for County Commissioner on Nov. 5 for the following reasons:

- Jim Brown believes that growth will come to Washington County whether we desire it or not. He also strongly believes that such growth must be managed carefully using a comprehensive growth plan that regulates and limits where and how much growth should occur.

- He believes that Washington County's youth deserve a "World Class" school system and is willing to work with the Board of Education toward that end. In addition, he advocates that quality education and economic development go hand in hand and that significant economic development will not take place in the absence of a top-notch public education system and a local four-year collegiate program.

- Jim believes that the position of County Commissioner has evolved into a full-time position and that the community should expect no less. He also believes that the commission should make decisions regarding county business and that the responsibility of the county's staff is to facilitate those decisions.

- Jim Brown is also very familiar with sportsmen's associations of Washington County and will support their efforts. An example of this is his willingness to work toward more boating access to the Conococheague and Antietam creeks.

- Jim Brown is a problem solver. He will work with the leaders of fire and rescue companies to resolve a problem that has existed for 20 years.

- Jim Brown is success oriented. His positive and ethical approaches to problem solving and life in general have brought him great success personally and professionally. In almost all cases, his pursuits and accomplishments have been for the betterment of others.

In addition, Jim Brown has been a resident of Washington County nearly all his life and has an excellent perception of what citizens want and need from the local government.

I hope this brief expression of what I see in Jim Brown, candidate for County Commissioner, will enable you to see him as I do. Please join me by casting your vote for Jim Brown on Nov. 5.

William B. McKinley


Vote Corliss, Morgan

To the editor:

In the Jefferson County Commissioners' race, the key issue is managing growth. We have a clear choice among the candidates. There are two seasoned politicians with long resumes of elected offices and there are two "concerned citizen" candidates.

I am ready for some fresh ideas to tackle Jefferson County's land use and residential growth problems. I am voting for "citizen candidates" Rusty Morgan and Greg Corliss. If their names sound familiar, it is because they joined other local farmers in 2001 to challenge the Harvest Hills zoning variance in court. The case eventually went to the state Supreme Court, and they won. Morgan and Corliss stood up to the out-of-state developers, and I am convinced that they will represent the average citizen's concerns on the County Commission.

Fresh ideas and the courage to take a stand against the odds - it works for me. Vote for Rusty Morgan and Greg Corliss for Jefferson County Commissioner on Nov. 5.

Mary S. Horky

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

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