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October 31, 2002

Encourage local dollars to multiply

While running for County Commissioner, I feel it's important for me to be more than just a "Cliff-note candidate," and have tried to investigate the issues in depth in order to make more informed decisions.

This holds true in planning a good fiscal policy to handle the tight budgets we will face in the future. In regard to a fiscal plan for the county, most of the talk generated in this campaign has only included cutting costs and searching for more revenue streams through economic development.

However, we must also look deeper and investigate the flow of our economic dollars through our economic system. We must have a strategy to keep those dollars working here as long as possible and prevent them from flowing outside the county.

According to the Maryland Department of Business and Economics, when a new dollar enters our local economy, as in a tourism dollar, its true value is at least double when you consider how that dollar turns over several times within the community. In addition to encouraging more tourism dollars (which also come without the costs of infrastructure) we should also establish a plan to encourage more dollars to flow to businesses that are locally owned and operated whenever possible.


This does not mean we exclude businesses that are not locally owned. Our county depends on businesses, like Mack Trucks, Citicorp, etc. that provide numerous jobs and play a valuable role in this community. However, when a business that is locally owned and operated generates a profit, those profits continue to work over and over again within the community compared to a company that sends its profits to its corporate headquarters outside the county.

Local owners use their profits to buy homes in this county, pay property taxes in this county, buy goods and services in this county and may have a tendency to hire more people that live in this county. In addition, those dollars they spend continue to work in the same way, through other businesses, until they reach one that sends its profits out of our area.

The building industry is a good place to apply this economic data. We are reaching a point in our history where we will have a limited supply of lots in high demand. We must make sure our local builders have the best opportunity possible to use these lots to keep the money they generate in Washington County.

If we allow big outside builders to come in and buy up all the lots, then we will see the profits generated flow outside this county and we will not maximize the economic benefits from the building industry.

If we are going to generate more funds for our teachers, police, fire and rescue personnel, and the many other needs our county faces, we must get the most out of every dollar that is generated. It's crucial our fiscal plan incorporates where the dollars are going, not just where they come from.

This is just one of many issues I've tried to investigate in depth to see that I will make the best decisions possible to see our county prosper. If elected commissioner, I will always dig deep to understand the complexities of the issues we face before making policy decisions. I feel the citizens of this county deserve nothing less.

James F. Kercheval is a candidate for Washington County Commissioner.

Vote Doyle

To the editor:

West Virginia is one of seven states in the U.S.A. that ended fiscal year 2002 (June 30) with a surplus.

This speaks highly for John Doyle, vice chair of the House of Delegates Finance Committee, for his work on our state's budget.

Future difficult state budget decisions need the presence of responsible, knowledgeable, dedicated public servants like John Doyle from Jefferson County in the West Virginia legislature.

Maura Brackett

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Keep history in mind

To the editor:

Bush. All he does is travel around speaking about how he would like to get elected again, and begging for money. To get elected again, he should be like the Senate Democrats, trying to get the mess straightened out, and getting people back to work. Around 60,000 people are being laid off every two weeks, and now Bush wants to start a war to help the economy. But think about the sons of mothers and fathers who don't want their boys and girls killed.

Also think about the Depression of 1929, if you are old enough to remember when Republican Herbert Hoover was trying to get re-elected. Banks closed with your money in them. People jumped off bridges and committed suicide. The only people who had plenty to eat were farmers who raised their own food and meat, trading it at stores for other things.

All the Republicans want is power of the Senate and if they get it, look out and remember this letter. Hoover did not get re-elected, but Roosevelt, a Democrat, got in as president. He started W.P.A., putting people to work at C.C.C. camps. Children went to work building roads and parents received $25 a month and the boys $5 to spend. We sure got good meals and clothing from the C.C.C.

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