Mail Call for 10/30

October 31, 2002

"I love Mail Call. I buy The Daily Mail every day just to read Mail Call. I find a lot of interesting tips in there."

"I am the person who put the recipe in for the roaches. The recipe is wonderful and does work. If you put it out, you will have dead roaches in no time. Let's rid Hagerstown of roaches. I myself have killed hundreds since I got that recipe out of Heloise. Of course, you let the bag open when you put the little ball of food in it. This is how the roaches crawl in the bag. The purpose of the bag is to keep the dough ball soft and more tasteful to the roach. If you close the bag, how would the roach get in there? Come on now, use a little common sense. Leave the bag open."

"Someone called in and asked how many untagged vehicles you can have sitting around in your yard. The answer is none. The car has to be moved in 30 days if it's not tagged or insured. Evidently, this law is not enforced because I know a lot of places that have four or five vehicles sitting with no tags. Our county needs to enforce this law."


"I would like to know how long you are allowed to live in the State of Maryland with out-of-state tags without having them changed? I thought it was either 30 or 60 days. I have neighbors that have been there for months and they still have out-of-state tags."

"To Jim Brown: If you think you can run the County Commissioners like a basketball team, you are wrong. These are men, not young boys, no way."

"It's a shame that the two concession stands at the Fairgrounds Saturday morning weren't in operation. They could have sold a lot of merchandise, there was a lot of people and players there. So let's find out why they weren't open many many times when there was activities in there."

"I went to the forum at HCC Valley Mall. Jim Brown wants all the County Commissioner meetings televised. Is he paying for it? I hope so, not the taxpayers."

"Concerning the alleged snipers, I don't care if anyone is for or against the death penalty. The problem I have is why should my taxpaying dollars go to keep two people alive that ruined so many lives? We shouldn't invest a dime in them once they are found guilty, unless it is for a bullet."

- Sharpsburg

"I thought Cloverton at Williamsport was a deed-restricted subdivision? Why are there so many untagged cars and trucks parked on the streets and on the grass in the cul-de-sac? It is beginning to look like a junkyard."

"What right does U.S. have to say what countries can or can't have nuclear weapons when the U.S. has enough weapons to destroy the world 50 times over? The U.S. is the only country ever to use these weapons on another country. 'The axis of evil theory.' What about communist China? They have nuclear weapons and aren't included in 'The axis of evil.' That is because everything you see on store shelves says 'China' on it. It is a matter of money and power, not evil."

- Hagerstown

"I read in the paper where a propane gas company has to pay back their hazmat fees to people. How can customers be sure that we are getting the right amount back and when did that go into effect? I know it was for each month of the year, but I am not sure how many years it was for. Is the Attorney General's office going to assure us that we are getting the right amount of money back to protect the consumer?"

"Why did the local paper hide the endorsement of Sen. Munson by William Donald Schaefer, the state comptroller, inside the fold of the opinion page, literally so it is practically invisible? Was that deliberate or just plain incompetent?"

"I would like to know if anyone knows what I could use to get squirrels out of the siding on my house. They get in there, so what can I put in the siding to keep them out?"

"I am wondering if someone would know of a women's shelter in Hagerstown? I have a bunch of clothes that I would like to donate to them. I am sure that someone could get a lot of use out of them. Leave the number in Mail Call."

"It's no wonder the city of Hagerstown is in debt when the mayor endorses Kathleen Kennedy Townsend who has also help put the state in debt. I have tried to give the mayor the benefit of the doubt, even though I had misgivings about his leadership. But his endorsement for Kathleen shows that he is not only out of touch with the citizens of this area, he is out of touch with financial management. It's time for change in the state of Maryland, vote for Ehrlich."

"I read in the paper on Sunday that someone was fined for swimming and wading in the Potomac River and I believe the paper had a big question mark. Could someone check into this? What were the circumstances, it was just a minor fine of $10. What could someone do from wading or swimming in the Potomac River?"

"Why should the residents of Maryland and the families of the victims from the snipers have to pay to keep these two suspects in jail for the rest of their lives? Why don't we let Virginia take the prosecution and do with them as they will?"

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