Warrior girls 'believe', boys win in a rout

October 29, 2002|by JACK HILL III

BOONSBORO - The Boonsboro Warriors girls soccer team found out that if they believed in themselves, then they would have a chance to win.

The philosophy became a definite reality when Boonsboro senior Steph McGee scored a goal through the middle with 1:30 left in double overtime.

The game-winning goal lifted the Warriors to a 2-1 upset of the Williamsport Wildcats Monday night in the first round of the Maryland Class 1A West Region soccer tournament.

There was much less drama for the Boonsboro boys team. David Byers scored three goals to pace a 7-0 rout of Southern Garrett to give the Warriors a sweep.


"We have got a lot of talented girls on the team," Boonsboro assistant coach Gene Summerlin said. "They just never knew that they could win, until they started believing in themselves. I had a few strategies at the end. I just happened to have the right combination of girls and I got them to believe that they can play like a team and can win."

Williamsport coach John Weimer was displeased with some of the calls in the game, including one on the game-winning goal.

"The call on the final goal of the game was questionable," Weimer said. "It looked like our goalie kept it out. But the officials decided that the ball went across. It was the worst officiating that I have ever seen in a high school girls soccer game. It was way too physical, but it wasn't one-sided. There was too much physical contact that wasn't called."

Weimer, who coached Williamsport to three straight appearances in the state final game from 1998 to 2000, described a few situations about the officiating in deep detail.

"When we did make good sliding tackles on the ball when we went on top of the ball, then he was giving cards on us and it was a good play," Weimer said. "On the other hand in the overtime period, we were taken down from behind and there was no card issued."

Freshman Sarah Keyser scored the first goal for Boonsboro (2-13) with 11:22 remaining in the first half.

About 3 1/2 minutes later, freshman Breanna Cline scored the only goal for Williamsport (7-6-2).

In the boys game, Byers ignited a Boonsboro offense, which outshot Southern Garrett (1-13) by a 26-0 margin.

"I just tried to make sure that I was up there following the shots a lot," Byers said. "I was able to score, because my teammates were doing a lot of shooting. I feel that we played the hardest that we played all year."

Gary Bridges got one goal and one assist for Boonsboro (4-10). Marc Nicolosi, Sean Beyard and Mike Sullivan added one goal apiece for Boonsboro. Cory Robinson and Zach Bower had one assist each for the Warriors.

"I was real pleased with David Byers, Sean Beyard and Mike Sullivan," Boonsboro coach Bob Moats said. "Those three senior captains were the thrust tonight. Everybody contributed towards the victory."

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