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letters 10/29

October 29, 2002

More taxes a stale idea

To the editor:

During a recent debate, Jefferson County Del. John Doyle suggested that, in addition to your state income tax, a "locality tax" be imposed on citizens in the Eastern Panhandle.

He also wants to restructure the corporate tax to provide for more revenue.

Our current state tax system is already out of control.

If his request becomes law, then we will be working, in effect, for Delegate Doyle.

Ten years as a state delegate and this is the best he has to offer? Another tax? It is time for a change of leadership. Please vote for David Ebbitt to be our new Jefferson County delegate.

We need a representative who will promote economic development to fund Eastern Panhandle needs, not a "band-aid approach' to raise taxes.


Paul Zdunek

Shepherdstown, W.Va.


Due to an error by the editorial page editor, a headline in the Sunday, Oct. 27, Herald-Mail referred to the District 2A Maryland delegate race as 2C instead.

The Herald-Mail regrets the error.

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