Deliveryman brings his own daughter into the world

October 28, 2002|by PEPPER BALLARD

It was all in the delivery for newspaper carrier and new father Andy Ehmer, 27, who said calm nerves helped him deliver his newborn daughter on the spot last week.

"She made an entrance into this world that I'll never forget," Ehmer said.

Ehmer and fiance Michelle Sines, 20, of Hagerstown, welcomed their daughter, Catherine Lou Ehmer, into the world via their own bathtub Wednesday after being told by a hospital nurse it just wasn't their day.

Sines said she and Ehmer went to Washington County Hospital after she experienced contractions. The couple was there for three hours, but was sent home because Sines was not dilated enough to deliver her baby.


Once Sines got home, her contractions worsened, so she decided to take a bath to soothe the pain.

She said one of her three cats, Mittens, knew she was in pain and crawled up on her to be stroked, which relaxed her even more.

Ehmer said Sine's pains were getting sharper and the two decided to page their doctor so they could go back to the hospital.

"She went to get out of the tub and couldn't move," Ehmer said. "A minute later, her water broke."

Michelle said the baby's head immediately came out through the draining water.

"That was the scariest moment because (the baby) lied facedown," Ehmer said.

He called 911 and said the operator calmed him down and walked him through the rest of the delivery.

Ehmer cleaned out the baby's mouth and nose with a towel and tied off the umbilical cord with a shoestring.

Ehmer said he was shaken and scared throughout the delivery, but managed to get Catherine Lou cleaned up and wrapped in a towel with her mother before the paramedics arrived.

"She come quick," Ehmer said.

He said delivering a baby is a far cry from delivering a newspaper, but still he's been teased by his friends and family since Catherine Lou's birthday.

"They all call me doc," he said.

Ehmer and Michelle plan to get married in December. Michelle also has a son, Jason Matthew Perez II, who is 14 months old.

Michelle said she's glad her baby is healthy because the couple worried there would be complications.

"I was mad that they sent me home from the hospital because I knew it was time," Sines said.

"I'm glad he was here because I wouldn't have been able to do it myself," she said.

Ehmer has been a newspaper carrier for The Herald-Mail since August.

"That's just what I do to make the ends meet," he said. "I never thought on God's green earth I would deliver my own child."

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