Mail Call for 10/25

October 28, 2002

"I want the newspaper to run an article breaking down all the sources of income for the county and how much each of those sources contributed towards the 2002 budget. Thanks."

"The campaign sign for Chris Shank that is located at the entrance to the Boonsboro Park is at a very dangerous spot. It hinders you, you can't see oncoming traffic and it may cause an accident. It must be removed."

"How can a voter go to the poll and vote for the man with the plan, meaning Jim Brown, when he refuses to tell what his plans are?"

"Whoever called in about the bricks across the road on Franklin Street that are collapsing. The reason they are collapsing is because there was no inspection done on the construction of the bricks. If they had been inspected and compacted the right way, these bricks wouldn't have sunk."


"There was a 16-year-old girl and her infant daughter gunned down in Walkersville, Md. Why wasn't this put on the front page of The Daily Mail? Why wouldn't the editors see that this was important enough? It's not every day that a 16-year-old and her five-week-old gets killed. What is the deal, Daily Mail?"

"I just want to respond to the person who put in Mail Call about the sniper playing cat and mouse. How would you know if he would want to be caught? How could you possibly know or even think how a serial killer would think? Only a licensed doctor would know what they were thinking."

"To all the people out there who are trying to stop smoking. I was a smoker of three packs a day. I haven't been smoking for six and a half years. It was very hard to quit, I quit cold turkey. It wasn't easy, but I did it."

"I wish that the teacher who is working with the first-graders at Lincolnshire, would let them eat their lunch and stop rushing them."

"Maryland hunters, I will be voting for Bob Ehrlich to be our next governor because he knows the difference between your privilege to hunt under Maryland Law and your right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution."

"I was reading Mail Call on Wednesday and I came across a person who was offended by Mallord Fillmore cartoons. For some reason, they feel offended by it, I think if they are offended by it then maybe it's heading a little bit too close to home and you don't like it being publicized. I guess he makes too much sense for you."

"Is there anyone out there that would have information on who you would contact about having speed bumps put in, in the area where children play. Please call Mail Call if you have this information."

"To the person that wanted to know about the Macaroni Grill. There is one being built in Frederick off of Md. 85 south of the 270 interchange on the right there is a new mall being put in there, which will have the Macaroni Grill."

"Bester Elementary is also saving box tops for education. They are saving up for band instruments."

"Eastern Elementary saves the box tops for education also."

"The closest Macaroni Grill that I know of is in Gaithersburg, Md. But they are building one in Frederick, at the Buckeystown south exit. It should be ready in a month or two."

"What is the time limit you are allowed to keep a car in your driveway without tags on it? I would think that there would be a time limit."

- Boonsboro

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