Letters to the editor - 10/28/02

October 28, 2002

Iseminger the fox guarding the coop

To the editor:

A leopard cannot change his spots. Conversely, a chameleon can change his color repeatedly, depending on where he sits.

Washington County voters and particularly nonvoters missed an excellent opportunity to rid the county Board of Commissioners of its chameleon incumbent in the recent primary elections. Fortunately, we have another opportunity to do so in the upcoming general election.

An unstable politician who changes color repeatedly depending upon whose coattails he is riding cannot properly represent any group of his constituents, and certainly not all of them. Bert Iseminger fits this description - he doesn't know whether he is a Republican, Democrat or Independent.

And in my opinion, a County Commissioner sitting on the Planning Commission is another case of a fox guarding the hen house.


In short, we need some new undiluted blood on the board and purging it of Iseminger is a good place to start. We need more "leopards" on the board, ie., commissioners with the intestinal fortitude to buck the so-called "developers" and other special-interest groups concerned more with lining their pockets with greenbacks than enhancing the quality of life in Washington County. (Commissioner Bill Wivell fits this description. Let's keep him).

The same chameleon-complex comments apply to the race for governor. A candidate who does not hesitate to change his "spots" for political purposes does not deserve to be elected to the second highest government office in the Free State. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's running mate fits this description and does not deserve your vote.

Please do not think the election is "cut and dried" and your vote won't make any difference. There are many close races in the coming election and every vote counts. Particularly important in every election are the potential votes not cast due to lack of interest and patriotic responsibility. A 23 percent turnout (recent primary election) is worse than unacceptable - it is an insult to democracy and the very foundation of constitutional government.

Please do not cave in to special interest candidates by failing to show up at your polling place in November. The muscles of democracy must not be allowed to atrophy from lack of exercising one's right to vote. Please stand up and be counted on election day - even if you feel obligated to vote for a chameleon.

Paul G.H. Wolber


Growth must go somewhere

To the editor:

Developer Manny Shaool is quoted in The Morning Herald of Oct. 7, in this regard, "This county needs growth, and growth has to go somewhere. Without growth, the county dies." With all due respect to several of my close friends who are aligned against Shaool, I basically agree with him. I believe we can argue where development should occur, but I do not believe we can argue that development is unhealthy for our county.

Our children should be given the choice of living in Washington County, if they so choose. Without expansion in the number of houses in Washington County they will not have that option. I believe development should be extremely regulated and done to try to keep the impact on existing land use to a minimum.

How do we attract commercial development and jobs to Washington County if we tell prospective business you can come, but your employees cannot live here? Again, without expansion of the job base our children will be forced to look elsewhere for employment.

I moved to Washington County with my parents when I was 9 years old in 1961. I have seen many changes in the county in the last 41 years. Probably for most of that 41 years some group of people has been opposing development. I believe opposition is good; it keeps development from running roughshod.

I will close by saying we as a community cannot say no growth. If we do, we go into decline.

Meredith Fouche


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