Letters to the editor - 10/26/02

October 28, 2002

Let us carry more guns

To the editor:

I just heard the Governor of Maryland give a news briefing in which he said he would deploy the National Guard to protect people at the voting places. I thought that was against the law.

I'm not certain about this, but I thought that it's against the law to deploy military at a place of voting. Something about making the people think they are in a police state.

Some people don't want to see military troops guarding the place. That's what happens in a Third World country when they want to fix an election. What should be done is that the State of Maryland should issue conceal carry permits to anyone who can pass a background check.

Let us be able to shoot back and defend ourselves. That's what the Second Amendment is for.

James Bailey


Munson reliable

To the editor:

Senator Munson is a hard-working, reliable and intelligent senator. He always has the best interest of his constituents in mind.


William Donald Schaefer


State of Maryland

Annapolis, Md.

Habitat says thanks

To the editor:

Habitat for Humanity of Washington County would like to thank all those who contributed to its recent Art Show and Auction on Oct. 4.

Generous sponsors, supportive advertisers and providers of publicity, hardworking volunteers, and enthusiastic buyers resulted in a successful and fun evening.

The staff of Fountain Head Country Club helped provide a warm welcome for our guests. We truly appreciate the efforts of all involved, which resulted in a nice boost to our construction fund...and we look forward to sharing another special evening with you at our Tenth Anniversary Dinner and Auction on Saturday, March 22, 2003. Save the date.

Eileen M. Beck

Board of Directors

Habitat for Humanity of Washington County

Who is racist?

To the editor:

A recent article in this paper covered Robert Ehrlich's campaign to reach ethnic voters (Ehrlich "covers bases," campaigns in ethnic areas - Monday, Oct. 21). In that article it stated that Ehrlich relayed to an audience at a Jewish school that, at their Sept. 26 debate, Townsend supporters threw Oreo cookies at his running mate, Michael Steele.

This was told to be a slur symbolizing an African-American considered "white on the inside." My question is why was this not pursued and prosecuted as a hate crime? It was certainly motivated by race and meant to be derogatory, slanderous and degrading.

For those who would say that it was "only throwing cookies" and no one could have been hurt, I would say that drawing a Swastika on a door or wall is no more or less damaging or physically harmful to anyone, yet that is treated as a hate crime incident.

When will those who decry racism begin to realize that criticism is a two way street. It is a shame in our state that so many blacks, and particularly young blacks, as well as the many young whites who try to identify with the "pop black culture", would slur, denounce and snub their noses at a fine, upstanding citizen of his state and country, such as Steele.

Meanwhile, while shunning him as an African-American role model who can demonstrate positive change, they listen to and idolize rap and hip-hop singers who promote drugs, gang violence, degradation of women and murder as the "cool" lifestyle for young blacks.

Wake up, it's not about black or white, or Republican or Democrat, it is about all of us striving to be decent, honest people, regardless of our affiliations, which I believe are qualities both Ehrlich and Steele possess.

A.B. Smith


Vote for Jim Humphreys

To the editor:

The Democratic West Virginia delegation (Robert Byrd, Jay Rockefeller, Nick Rahall, Alan Mollohan) has endorsed Jim Humphreys for Congress.

I join the Delegation in endorsing Jim Humphreys.

As a senior, I care he supports legislation to provide prescription drug coverage under Medicare.

I trust he will make the decisions on many other issues to benefit West Virginia in these times of economic difficulty and potential war.

Jim Humphreys will be a fine representative for West Virginia in these trying times.

Maura Brackett

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

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