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October 28, 2002

My vision for Washington County

I love Washington County, so when Bob Maginnis asked all candidates to share their vision for her future I was thrilled to respond. Abundance is the one word that sums up my vision. As someone who was raised here and retruned after college to marry and raise a family, I seek a future that is filled with total and complete abundance for the citizens of Washington County. My vision will be to build upon and enhance the most beautiful and gracious part of America that we're lucky enough to call home.

As a candidate for the House of Delegates, I know that ideas and solutions without heart are meaningless. I am lucky because our county starts with heart in both the people and the place.

My job will be to preserve and grow our natural surroundings and create more opportunities that will nurture our strong and decent community of citizens. Washington County already has a rich diversity of offerings that range from the rolling fields of farmland to neighborhood homes.


And our retail commerce offers everything from a super-sized Wal-Mart to Wilson's Your favorite quilt shop outside of Leitersburg. We have professional minor league baseball, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, a world class museum of fine arts, arguably the best hunting and fishing areas in Maryland, and some of themost famous historical Civil War sites including the Battle of Antietam.

We must make plans and work hard to ensure that we continue to have a good quality of life. How do we do that? Through dedicated leadership, good government, cooperation and a strong vision for the future.

My vision cannot be fulfilled by one person but rather the collective thoughts and actions of community leaders. Washington County is unusual because, although we are living in an era of advanced technology, our community culture embodies the values, morals and integrity associated with the innocence of the past.

While most U.S. cities are concerned about curbing crime or drug-related issues, our emphasis in the last year has been around improving health care (a new hospital, reopening the trauma center, etc.), building a new stadium and building a University of Maryland satellite campus here. These are good debates because they are about building on positive county offerings.

My vision is to bring solutions and positive approaches toward improvements that will lead to equal opportunities for all of the communities in our county. For example, we should build a branch library in Smithsburg just like the one in Clear Spring.

My vision is to add more and more to our already abundant community by paying attention to the people's desires and caring for our housing and retail development, and preserving and maintaining the very important downtown area. As goes the City of Hagerstown, so goes Washington County.

"People" is the answer to how we will revitalize downtown. People bring dollars to spend enhancing retail, the arts, fine dining. Ultimately, it will be people that will attract more people. There are numerous success stories of small cities pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and having a resurgence of life and economy. We do not have to carve a new wheel from stone.

My vision of the future of Washington County is one of a well-balanced county utilizing its resources wisely and fully. We must recognize the population growth that will occur and prepare for it. Our future will be what we make of it. If we do nothing then we should expect nothing.

If we elect solid leaders and communicate wisely then we can establish a good working plan for the future of Washington County.

I pledge to be one of those solid leaders as your delegate and work hard toward a prosperous future for our county. I will build on relationships I already have as well as the establish new relationships to create strong coalitions between me and the other members of the General Assembly and between the General Assembly and our local town, city and county governments.

I will work hard to make Washington County an even better place to live and work.

Peter E. Perini Sr. is a candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates.

Thanks for helping

in time of tragedy

To the editor:

In the evening hours of Thursday, Oct. 10, Sgt. E. D. Burnett, TFC J. M. Droppleman, TFC R. J. Elswick and Senior Trooper R. C. Copson responded to a domestic-violence call in rural Berkeley County, W. Va. During the arrest of the suspect, gunfire was exchanged and TFC Elswick received a life-threatening gunshot would to the head.

As I write this letter, TFC. Elswick lies in the intensive care unit of Washington County Trauma Center in Hagerstown Maryland fighting for his life. His wife, Terri, mother and father, Joe and Vicki Elswick, and fellow officers have remained by his side during this entire ordeal. The support the family and West Virginia State Police have received during this tragedy has been overwhelming. I wanted to take this opportunity to offer thanks for this support.

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