Big Sydney - Consumed by costumes

October 25, 2002|by BIG SYD

Ah, this is one of my favorite times of the year.

Halloween. A time to gorge yourself and you get candy, too.

All right, it's no first favorite. My favorite is Thanksgiving because you get to gorge yourself and watch football all day.

And then there is Christmas because you get to gorge yourself and get gifts.

And there used to be football too ... I might be the only one on earth missing the Blue-Gray Shrine Game.

Then there is Easter, when you get to gorge yourself and look for eggs while getting ready for the NFL draft.


And there is Columbus Day, when you get to gorge yourself and try to discover something ... and Arbor Day when you get to gorge yourself and plant a tree.

And there are a few others, too, but Halloween rates right up there as one of my favorites.

One of the reasons I like Halloween, though, is the chance to dress up and be somebody else. Even if it's just for a couple of minutes.

It was fun the other day when I went to the store. I was out buying a couple of bags of beef liver kisses to give the kids for trick-or-treat and the ingredients for scrapple snack mix - similar to that kind with the cereal, only greasier - like Mother Sydney used to make.

Well, anyhow, I walked through the department where all the new costumes were hanging. Boy, there were some great choices.

  • One had baseball cap, elbow armor and a huge chip to strap onto your shoulder.

    I could be Barry Bonds.

  • Another had a football hat, a headset and a chip to strap onto your shoulder.

    Boy, I could be Steve Spurrier. It also had a broken water pistol ((No) Fun and (No) Gun).

    With both, a helium tank to inflate an optional ego would be an additional cost.

  • They also had one that had plate-glass glasses, a business suit with a partially undone tie, waxed hair (and an optional empty Clue box).

    That was Bud Selig.

  • The football version of that had an expensive silk suit, slicked hair and a Southern drawl (Clue optional).

    Boy, did they nail Dallas owner Jerry Jones.

  • This was a neat one. It had a helmet with a home logo on one side and a road one on the other. There was a jersey with three different numbers, complete with a clipboard, calendar and earplugs.

    It was Washington quarterback Shane Rams-fel, all three of them wrapped into one.

  • There was a football uniform and a flat dog.

    That one was supposed to be Brian Griese.

  • Over there was another football uniform that came with a toy car, complete with a doll that looked like a bandaged police officer on the hood.

    It took a minute, but I figured it was supposed to be Randy Moss.

  • Then I turned and looked. I gasped.

    There it was. It was a ripped football jersey. There was a orange helmet, which could double as a pumpkin, over the top of a paper bag. One of the jersey's arm holes was sewn shut to make it look like the wearer was missing a limb. The back of the shoulders were padded, to make them look slumped (or allow you to take a second job as a bell ringer in a church tower after all the Halloween parties). It came with a greased ball, so it was hard to hold.

    It was hideous. It was tough to look at.

    I couldn't figure out what it was and then all of a sudden it hit me.


    It was a Cincinnati Bengal.

    I haven't been able to sleep since.

On with the predictions. Last week 17-4 (.809), season 135-48 (.738).


St. John's-Prospect Hall 36, Good Counsel 8: No, Good Counsel is not related to Craig Counsell.

Middletown 28, Boonsboro 16: The Knights give the Warriors nothing to joust about.

Brunswick 31, FSK 19: Beating the Eagles could be the Key to the Railroaders' season.

Catoctin 34, Walkersville 24: Cougars knock Walkersville off stride.

North Hagerstown 19, Smithsburg 17: Finally, the Hubs don't sit on it. Happy Days for Cunningham.

South Hagerstown 26, Williamsport 8: Rebels put on their Miner's caps and dig past Wildcats.

St. Vincent Pallotti 35, Hancock 20: Panthers have to be lucky to win the Pal-lottery.

Urbana 42, Frederick 16: To Cope-a Urbana, don't fall in love.

Thomas Johnson 20, Liberty 12: Looking for a vacation, the Pats take a weekend Liberty.

Hedgesville 33, Jefferson 31: If the Cougars get beat by Hedgesville, is that shrubbery drubbing.

Martinsburg 41, Fort Hill 19: Sentinels climb the mountain only to be turned into Ant Hill.

Musselman 45, Hampshire 13: Applemen's attack leaves Hampshire looking like it's running on a wheel.

Cumberland Valley 37, Chambersburg 21: A loss to C-Valley might be the lowpoint of the Trojans' season.

Big Spring 40, Greencastle-Antrim 14: Big Spring push the Blue Devils to a little fall.

Steel-High 38, James Buchanan 18: Steel-High has the metal to ground the Rockets.

Susquenita 43, Waynesboro 8: Do you like Susquenita-a-lotta?


Bishop Walsh 30, St. James 13: Bishop Walsh isn't ordain-ary.

Peddie School 44, Mercersburg Academy 25: Peddie tells the Blue Storm, "Don't come around here no more. (Hey.)"


Miami 41, West Virginia 21: Hurricanes are more than an ill wind to the Mountaineers.

Maryland 34, Duke 13: Who will play tailback has more drama than the game itself for the Terps.

Ohio State 27, Penn State 20: This gives the Nittany Lions' season a Buck eye.

Shepherd 31, Glenville 17: The Rams aren't Catering to anyone anymore.


Colts 24, Redskins 16: Indianapolis makes Washington's offense look even more Dungy.

Ravens 20, Steelers 13: Without the Bus, Pittsburgh's running game is Zereo-ue.

Eagles 23, Giants 10: McNabb shrinks the hopes of most teams and the Giants are no different.

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