Letters to the editor 10/25

October 25, 2002

Give voting a chance

To the editor:

We Americans are stupid, especially those of us who vote. We elect people to represent us at local, state and national levels. The local and state reps do a reasonably good job, as they are close and we see what they are doing.

But those at the national level, in my opinion, fail all around. They go to Washington to do their elected duties and you read in the newspapers or see on the TV that they are in some foreign country to solve that country's problems. We have the same problems here and they can't or haven't solved them at home - but there over there they are going to do it.

Or they are in their home state begging for money for their re-election campaign, or the president or some other high-level officials are doing it for them.

The sad part is they haven't done the job we sent them to Washington to do, and we've already paid them to do it. And now they want us to re-elect them, and pay them again and contribute to their re-election campaigns.


Give the voters what they paid for in the first place and then maybe they deserve to be re-elected. Here it is in late October and very little legislation has been completed to speak of. Yet they vote to end this session and go home to campaign for re-election and yet we get no action from them. So let's go register and then go to the polls on election day and vote out these ineffective politicians and get some new ones.

If they don't do the job, then vote them out - give someone else the chance to be effective.

A word for our active military forces: Look how the veterans and military retirees are being treated on their promised benefits. What do you think it's going to be like for you when your term of service is up or you retire and are declined your promised veterans' benefits? You might want to elect some veteran instead of what we have now.

As quoted by our first elected president, George Washington: "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional as to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."

Go register, then go vote your conscience. But most of all vote.

Harry W. Biller

Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

Don't support do-nothing Congress

To the editor:

Careful consideration of fiscal policy issues and preparation of the federal budget is the single most important task for which we hire our congressional representatives. It is one of a small group of powers, or responsibilities, specifically vested in the Congress by the Constitution of The United States of America.

Once again, our congressmen have shown themselves to be incapable of performing this important task in a timely fashion. As reported in The Herald-Mail of Oct. 20, "Congress has failed to enact 11 of 13 appropriations bills that run the government. Fiscal 2003 began October 1."

I call upon the members of the House of Representatives to acknowledge their failure to perform their duties by submitting their resignations to the president, effective immediately. As I have no illusions the members of the House will act responsibly in this matter either, I have resolved that I will under no circumstances vote for any incumbent congressman in 2002. I urge all who read this to do the same.

Allen R. Loser


A choice in Hagerstown

To the editor:

I would like to thank all of my supporters, and those who were seeking information, for attending my "Meet Your Candidate for the House of Delegates" event on Sunday, Oct. 13. Your support is truly appreciated.

Anyone who was unable to attend and would like information about the upcoming election for the House of Delegates, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me for information.

This year you have a choice.

Remember, it's your right and duty to have a say in government.

Bob Bruchey


House of Delegates 2C


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