Daily-Mail Letters to the editor 10/21

October 22, 2002

State employees should be suspicious

To the editor:

I would like to inform the state employees, if they don't already know, that their health benefits open enrollment, usually held in October to November, is being delayed until Nov. 11.

The reason we're given is that they don't know what the cost will be. Funny, but I have worked for the State of Maryland for 23 years and this has never been the case. It has been said that the increase will be 17 percent, but we don't get any increase in pay.

Very odd and coincidental that this is an election year and our lieutenant governor is running for governor, but we will not be getting our health benefits information until after the election.

Is this just another campaign tactic that is supposed to remain hidden? Is she afraid of letting us know that the rates are going up while she is currently in office? Why can't they be honest and up-front about things?


Show your opinion on Nov. 5 and vote!

Linda Smith


Public doesn't have a need to know

To the editor:

I am just appalled at how much information is being put out by the media in the search for the sniper. A few days ago there were reports that the Pentagon will now be using a reconnaissance plane to help in the search of the sniper.

Why will the Pentagon and the investigators make this information public? In a battle that is like telling the enemy your troop strength and location.

The public doesn't need to know what is being done in the search of the sniper. The public desperately wants the sniper to be caught. And to the investigators, if there is no new information, stop all the press conferences.

Alicious S. Phillips


Emily an inspiration

To the editor:

Thank you for publishing the series of articles on Emily Bolton, the Smithsburg Middle School student who raised money to provide each of Maryland's police dogs with a bulletproof vest! What a wonderful project this is and what an extraordinary young lady she is for undertaking it.

As Western Maryland's regional coordinator for the Maryland Student Service Alliance, I meet with students, teachers and administrators to observe student service-learning activities within Washington County. Rarely do I see individual students engaging in projects of this magnitude which have a tremendous impact on the community. Her example shows how service-learning can be a great part of every student's education.

Emily believes if all students "pick up a project like this, we could really do something in this country." She is a tremendous inspiration and role model for students and adults alike. If the world were full of civic-minded individuals like Emily, we really could do something!

It is refreshing to see the media promote the positive actions of our young people. I'm glad that The Herald-Mail chose to do so and hope you will continue to spotlight the good in our youth.

Tracey Leigh Seabolt

Regional and Program Coordinator

Maryland Student Service Alliance

Baltimore, Md.

Support Allegheny

To the editor:

Allegheny Energy has been devastated by a "Perfect Storm" of events that range from Enron's deceitful off-balance-sheet practices, five-year lows in stock and bond prices, shady brokerage house trading practices, and a worldwide economic depression.

Allegheny management has consistently made solid decisions that have always given the Tri-State area reliable, low cost power.

In the last decade, many area investors supported the officials of Home Federal in its efforts to save the savings and loan from the Resolution Trust Corporation. Hard work and quality business decisions built Home Federal into one of the area's strongest financial institutions. We can do the same for Allegheny Energy so that we can save the Tri-State area from predatory take-over giants. If you are not able to buy Allegheny stocks and bonds, at least debate the "Monday morning quarterbacks" who criticize in a time they should encourage sound decisions, who panic when they should help quiet the waters and who discourage when they should encourage.

If we help management steer Allegheny out of the perfect storm, we will continue to enjoy the nation's lowest power rates rather than spending the rest of our lives fighting foreign zealots who will move in to gouge the Tri-State with high cost, unreliable energy.

Dominick J. Perini


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