Truckers cited during landfill safety check

October 22, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

UPTON, Pa. - More than 100 large trucks, including commercial hauling rigs, were checked for violations of safety regulations at the Mountain View Reclamation landfill Monday, a spokeswoman with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said.

Four truckers were cited for violations including two for driving with a leaking load, one for an improper load cover and one for not displaying the proper signs, said Sandy Roderick, DEP spokeswoman in Harrisburg, Pa.

She said the inspections at the landfill at 9446 Letzburg Road and one at a landfill in York County, Pa., Monday were routine and part of a multistate effort to ensure that the owners of trash-hauling trucks obey regulations.


Among those checked Monday were trucks of commercial haulers along with any large trucks hauling trash to the landfill, Roderick said.

Fines for violations run from $50 to $1,000. The amount is up to the discretion of the district justices who hear the cases, she said.

District Justice Shirley Shatzer in Greencastle will handle the four cases charged Monday. A clerk in Shatzer's office said the paperwork had not reached the office by Monday afternoon.

Roderick declined to name those charged.

She said the fact that only four of 102 trucks inspected were cited shows that the landfill and the haulers are doing a good job at complying with regulations.

She said landfill employees are also diligent about checking each truck for violations as it stops on the scales leading into the facility. Roderick said landfills can turn away trucks they believe are in violation of the regulations.

"Some landfills are very picky about following the rules," she said.

Roderick said the inspections are usually done on Mondays, the busiest day of the week at landfills.

Other states participating in the current inspections include Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia. In past years, Virginia and West Virginia participated, she said.

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