Letters to the editor -10/19

October 21, 2002

Interfaith event on ending conflict to be held Oct. 22

To the editor:

Language has power. It can call us to hate or to compassion, to peace or to war. We have a responsibility to listen carefully. As we begin to build a civil society, a critical tool is the art of hearing a message beyond the words.

Moving beyond mere rhetoric to true communication is the issue. Join us as we learn to understand our partners in interfaith dialogue - Muslim, Jewish and Christian - and begin to speak the difficult language about what divides us and what unites us.

To do that, the Interfaith Coalition of Washington County invites you to a program entitled "Listening from the Heart" on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. at the Frostburg Community Room in downtown Hagerstown.

The program will be presented by Anne Jenny, a Hagerstown area resident who's been formally trained in conflict resolution at the Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Va.


She has worked with the court system in developing alternative dispute-resolution programs and is currently assisting churches with conflict resolution. She'll be assisted by other trainers in conflict resolution. Her faith community is the United Church of Christ.

The Interfaith Coalition's members include: The Washington County Council of Churches, the Islamic Society of Western Maryland and Synagogue B'Nai Abraham.

Ed Poling


Hagerstown Church

of the Brethren

Bob Ehrlich getting short shrift

To the editor:

The Herald-Mail is once again demonstrating its liberal leftist philosophy. Every time there is a story for Robert Ehrlich, Republican candidate for Governor of Maryland, the story is placed on the obituary page. What a subtle message for voters! My translation is as follows: "We will bury you, Mr. Ehrlich."

This paper carefully crafted its "thumbs down" for the "Nazi" insult leveled against Ehrlich by the Democrat political operative Julius Henson. There has been no apology to Ehrlich from Maryland Democrats or from Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

Maryland's Democratic Party is sponsoring TV ads that are not accurate against Ehrlich. Ehrlich voted for and helped to balance the budget in Congress. He voted for and helped pass a prescription drug benefit in Congress for seniors.

The reason there isn't a prescription drug benefit now is that the bill is one of nearly 100 bills laying on Democrat Sen. Tom Daschle's desk. Ehrlich voted and helped pass President Bush's Education bill, Leave No Child Behind, providing more money for America's schools.

Get the picture? Maryland's Republican Party should demand those ads be removed. In West Virginia, TV stations pulled Democrat Jim Humphrey's TV ads against Republican Shelly Moore Capito because of inaccuracy.

Democrats have controlled Maryland for more than 30 years, resulting in sky-high taxes, loss of property rights and loss of Second Amendment rights. It is time for a change. Every Democrat, Republican and Independent who supports a new beginning for Maryland must get out and vote for Ehrlich in this critical election.

Maryland's Republican Party must energize volunteers to police all voting places to ensure the integrity of this election. Remember the past. The national Republican Party should do the same across America to ensure 2002 election integrity.

And when local candidates say they will control development, issue moratoriums, preserve farmland, preserve quality of life, preserve beauty, smart-growth and other such phrases, they are actually saying, "I will take away your rights as to what you can do with your property."

They (the all-knowing elitists) will keep taxing income and raising property taxes while taking away all of your rights. The past teaches us that when you lose those rights by the way you vote, you will never regain them. If such candidates win, I recommend property owners here in the county start a class-action lawsuit to reduce (at least by one half), property assessments with a commensurate reduction in taxes paid.

It's what farmers in South Carolina are planning. Incumbent William Wivell and Harold Phillips appeared to be the only candidates who understand and support property owner's rights.

E.J. Hamilton


Springfield says thanks

To the editor:

Over the last four years, Springfield Middle School has enjoyed noteworthy support from our area business community. Our school has received gifts for employee celebrations and for special recognitions. Also, we have greatly benefited from area employees who have been made available to share talents and expertise with school staff and students.

For example, many business representatives were on hand the first day of school. They assisted students and parents in finding their new classrooms, encouraged students during morning (school) TV announcements, and offered a special welcome to students new to Springfield MS this year.

We take this opportunity to give a hearty thanks to our business supporters:

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