At a glance - Commissioner candidates views on funding for education

October 21, 2002

Jim Brown

Recycle resources at the Board of Education. Hold monthly meetings with state delegates.

Constance S. Cramer

Limit the percentage of county funds used for education to ensure enough money for emergency services and infrastructure changes as the county grows.

J. Herbert Hardin

Fix cost overruns in county government to free more money for education. Send more aggressive delegates to Annapolis to fight for educational funding.

Bert L. Iseminger

Commit the bulk of new county revenue to education. Make sure state funding increases recommended by the Thornton Commission go to county schools.


James F. Kercheval

Educate citizens about educational needs and encourage them to voice their opinions to state lawmakers, perhaps through a county Web site. Contribute the maximum to education, but take a conservative approach to spending until county revenues grow from new growth.

John C. Munson

Maximize existing funds by cutting waste at the Board of Education.

Doris J. Nipps

Institute a school tax or fund education with a fixed percentage of the county's property tax to boost revenues and make education planning easier.

Gregory I. Snook

Focus on bringing more new business to the county to increase the business tax base revenues that help fund education.

Paul L. Swartz

Increase the county sales tax by 1 cent to generate more money for education. Ask that more state lottery proceeds be directed to education.

William Joseph Wivell

Make the county's contribution to education a fixed percentage of the county's general fund budget. Legalize slot machines to increase state education funding.

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